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Pixel Climbers are a unique new style of climbers with unique geometric patterns. Their unconventional visual appearance makes any outdoor area look a little bit more modern and stylish. Their randomized pattern of square holes, indents, and protrusion makes an unpredictable climbing surface that feels natural yet futuristic at the same time. The holes also create small windows, which allow children to furtively look around at their surroundings, and makes it easier for adult supervisors to keep track of them. The steps are a perfect width to accommodate children’s hands and feet with some extra space left over, and their square shape means plenty of flat surfaces that are easy to balance on. The durable rotationally molded plastic is built to last outdoors in rain, sleet, or snow. It is also resistant to sun damage, which means that no matter which exciting color you choose for your climber, it will not fade even when exposed to years of direct sunlight.