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Once you have your design finalized, it’s time to make the purchase. With all of the different types of products and purchasing methods, it can be confusing. Depending upon the item that is being purchased, it can be a quick exchange, a short-term, or even a long-term plan with multiple steps. Here at we like to keep things simple because it should be simple!

1. Submit Your Quote Cart

This is after you have decided your purchase. Your order will be sent to our representaatives who will then create a quote based on yor selection. For more efficient service, place note in the comment section if you are interested in surfacing or installation services.

2. Receive Formal Quote from Trusted Partner

Once your quote cart has been reviewed, an e-mail will come with a formal quote. The quote needs to be submitted within a few weeks to ensure the price as shipping fluctuates over time.

3. Choose Payment Method

There are four different ways to pay: pay in full, pay a percentage, submit a P.O. or finance. Paying in full is always the simplest for both parties. When you a elect to pay a percentage, your sales representative will work with you on how to split the payments. One portion is paid upon ordering and the remainder is paid before shipping. P.O.s are only available for governmental organizations. For more information about our financing, check out our Financing Guide.

4. Verify Details of Your Order

At this point you will want to double check the details of your order. You will verify color choices for the strucutre or item, confirm your shipping adress and date of in-stallation among other

5. Pay by Credit Card or Wire Transfer

We accept Mastercard and Visa as well as most major credit cards and wire transfer. A salesperson will confirm colors, addresses and other important information with you after receiving payment.