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Outdoor Umbrellas don’t just make the outdoors more pleasant. They make it safer as well. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause painful sunburns as well as more permanent skin damage. These umbrellas are for safety as well as style. The umbrellas provide a perfect place to beat the heat by creating a large shady area for guests to rest under.


They provide protection not only for people, but for outdoor furniture as well. Constantly being out in the sun can cause the color to fade from many types of furniture and materials, and excessive water damage from rain can also lead to deterioration. Outdoor umbrellas help to keep chairs, tables, and other furniture items looking fresh, even after years of being outside.


Although they need additional mounting pieces to stand up straight, we offer mounts that let them be placed directly on the ground or even in the middle of a picnic table. This versatility allows their shade to be enjoyed anywhere, and the assembly is extremely simple.


They are made from a thick, durable fabric that blocks the sun, keeps out the rain, and can withstand heavy wind without tearing, making these great umbrellas for any season, all year long.


We carry exciting and attractive designs that look great, and even come in a variety of colors to match any other outdoor decor.