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Any piece of playground equipment, from swings to a full structure, must meet certain standards to be considered safe. is committed to meeting and exceeding those standards.  We understand that safety is always your first concern and by meeting these standards and certifications we can provide you with a sense of relief so you can focus on children having fun.

IPEMA Certified


The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, or IPEMA, provides third party certifications on play equipment. is a proud member of this organization. We feel that this is just another step in certifying our equipment to be safe. IPEMA provides certification services for the compliance of the following standards:

  • ASTM F1487-11 (excludes sections 7.1.1, 10, and 12.6.1) – Standard consumer safety performance specification for commercial playground equipment
  • CAN/CSA-Z614-14 (excludes sections 9.8, 10, and 11) – Children’s play spaces and equipment
  • ASTM F1292-13 – Standard specification for impact attenuation of surfaces under and around play equipment
  • ASTM F2075-15 – Standard specification for engineered wood fiber for use as a safety surface under and around playground equipment


ASTMASTM Standards

ASTM International is an organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of materials and products. The ASTM has over 12,000 standards that companies seek to follow.

  • By meeting the ASTM standards we can proudly stand behind the safety of our products
  • Not only is our equipment ASTM certified, so is our surfacing
  • These standards help to provide a peace of mind to those purchasing playground equipment


CPSCCPSC Standards

An organization of the US Government, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is in place to provide the public with up to date safety performance reports of products.

  • The CPSC is constantly changing and updating standards as technology evolves
  • Playground equipment and surfacing standards are always up to date as new equipment emerges onto the market
  • proudly keeps up with the ever changing standards to always offer the safest equipment