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Home Playground Quality: Should I choose Commercial or Residenti

Although our beginnings come from offering commercial playground equipment, we have provided playgrounds to homeowners for many years. Parents and grandparents want commercial grade playground equipment at their home. Why? Quality materials go a long way in creating a longer lasting playground. Sand diggers, swings, and slides are most popular for homes.

Standards for Home Use: Home playgrounds do not require abiding by the same stringent safety precautions commercial playgrounds require. However, this does not mean a home-based playground should ignore safety. A home playground is not intended for use in a public area such as park or church. As a result, safety surfacing and spacing does not need to be addressed in such a fashion as that of a commercial playground, although children’s safety should always be a consideration.

Lower Prices Than Commercial: Most playgrounds built for specifically for use at homes are significantly less in price than that of commercial grade equipment. Reasoning behind high pricing stems from the stringent testing, regulations, and materials used to create a commercial grade playground. In comparison, home playground equipment is built from readily available materials such as wood and other affordable raw materials.

Your Online Resource: Finding a playground for a yard is an easy task given the right tools and guidance. Your best tool is the web. Use to find exactly what you need at an affordable price. Playgrounds for your home should be fun, affordable, and easy to assemble. Contact live support to speak with a knowledgeable expert on home playgrounds.