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Home Playground Quality: Should I Choose Commercial or Residential

Although our roots and expertise are in providing quality commercial playground equipment, we have provided residential playground components to homeowners for many years.

More and more, parents and grandparents are seeking out commercial grade playground equipment for their home. Why? Quality materials go a long way in creating a longer lasting recreational experience for kids of all ages.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Safety is key when it comes to commercial playground set-ups, for the obvious reason that if anything were to go wrong, the owners would become liable.  When it’s just your own kids using the playground at home, the need to compulsive safety measure isn’t as dire.  Safety surfacing and spacing regulations are not required.  

For example, while commercial-grade horizontal ladder are designed to be theoretically childproof, your own home monkey bars can be situated beside a slide or climber without ultra-specific regulations on distance and orientation.  This may allow for more creativity when it comes to home playground ideas.

However, this does not mean home playground equipment should disregard safety.  What parent wants their child playing on unsafe equipment?  Take into account your child’s mental acuity and ability level when shopping for play structures.  

Contrary to what you may believe, if another child hurts themselves on your playground, you can still be prosecuted, provided that the child was lawfully present on your property.  This should serve as just another reason why safety should remain a high priority when selecting playground equipment for home use.

Residential Playgrounds Save Big

On average, outdoor playground equipment for home and residential areas costs significantly less than commercial products.  Why?  Because regulations, of course.

Commercial playground equipment must undergo strict testing with regards to the equipment and the materials used to build that equipment.   Kids’ playground equipment for home is most often crafting from wood or other readily available materials.  These materials are both easier to obtain and easier to assemble, but there’s a trade-off (there always is).  Wood and cheap plastic won’t last as long as commercially approved products, and while the initial investment may be less, you can anticipate higher maintenance and replacement costs down the road.

Your Online Resource

Finding residential playground equipment is an easy task given the right tools and guidance. Your best tool is the web.  At-home play sets should be fun, affordable, and easy to assemble. Use to find exactly what you need at an affordable price.   Contact live support to speak with a CPSI about the best course of action for your playground dream-come-true.