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Playground Maintenance Guide

Keeping playground equipment properly maintained is essential to the safety of the children who play there. A quality maintenance program has many benefits. In this guide we will cover:

Why is Maintenance Important?

The simple answer is that a properly maintained playground keeps kids safe, but there are many other reasons for regular playground maintenance:

Keep children and families safe.
Properly maintained grounds and equipment help minimize the risk of preventable injuries. Playgrounds are fun, so it’s important to create a safe environment for play and recreation for people of all ages.

Protect your investment
Playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade structures, site-amenities and site-development are significant investments. Proper maintenance helps keep your playground and surrounding enviroment in top shape, while prolonging the life of your equipment.

Limit liability
Proper and timely maintenance of a community’s playgrounds and parks helps to manage risk and limit your liability if injury should occur. Injuries happen, but did you do everything you could to prevent them?

Improve the play experience
If playground equipment is broken or otherwise unusable, children will miss out on opportunities to play. Children learn through play, so a safe space for kids to learn, socialize, explore, and grow is essential.

Playground Injury Statistics

What to Look For

Regular inspection of playground equipment is important, it is equally important to look for hazards on the playground property as a whole. Look for the following:

Equipment Inspection

  • • Broken or missing equipment
  • • Secure anchors, barriers, & panels
  • • Loose or missing bolts and/or clamps
  • • Heavily worn moving parts, swing parts
  • • Cracked and/or broken plastic parts
  • • Rusted, worn, or corroded metals

Grounds Inspection

  • • Broken glass, trash and other debris
  • • Problems witth surfacing
  • • User modification such as rope swings
  • • Vandalized, broken and defaced property
  • • Insect damage or infestation
  • • Tripping hazards like exposed tree roots

If you detect safety hazards during your inspection, record, repair, and replace the equipment as quickly as possilbe to reduce the possibility of injury.


It is important to always record routine playground inspections. Accurate and organized record-keeping is the basis of an effective maintenance program.

Taking note of problems, as well as the corrective actions, and keeping the records organized is vital to keeping kids safe, and keeping your organization safe from injury related lawsuits.

We reccommend using a checklist while performing routine maintenance checks.

Start by downloading our Playground Maintenance Checklist which is based on current ASTM standards, CPSC suggestions, and information from on-staff Certified Playground Safety Inspectors.


While performing a thorough inspection of the playground equipment, and grounds if you come across a problem, assess the damage or issue and consult with a maintenance professional when necessary.

Children are not always deterred by broken equipment and in some cases, may even be drawn to it which is why it is important to repair or remove any potentially hazardous equipment or obstructions as quickly as possible.

While some problems are easily repaired, significant issues may require the purchase of replacement equipment.

Make sure to check the equipment warranty with the manufacturer and call with any questions you may have.


Just because something is broken doens’t mean you must replace it...However, there are times when equipment replacement is necessary:

• If wear and tear is extensive even to the naked eye, or the functioning is compromised in a way that is unsafe.

• If a piece of equipment has already been repaired but is showing new signs of wear.

• If parts of equipment are worn or missing and are not replaceable, you may have to replace the entire piece of equipment.

If your playground needs an update be sure to shop online at offer full installation and maintenance programs!

Maintenance Programs

Premiere Maintenance Programs

At we offer premiere maintenance programs tailored specifically to your needs, with the goal of keeping your equipment maintained, and above all safe, for years to come.

Several questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not a maintenance program is right for you are:

  • • Do you have more than one playground?
  • • Are you short staffed?
  • • Does your playground have high foot-traffic?
  • • Do children use your playground year-round?
  • • Is this playground new or old?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions it would be beneficial to speak with a maintenance care specialist.

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