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How much does it cost to build a special needs playground?

Generally speaking, it’s wise to budget at least $1000 for every child you expect to be playing on your playground. In other words, if you expect 20-30 kids to play on any given day, you should plan to budget at least $20,000-$30,000. 

Are Special Needs Playgrounds more expensive than others?

Special needs playgrounds aren’t necessarily more expensive than other playgrounds, but they do tend to incur different costs, whether it’s wheelchair ramps or ground-level games and activity panels. Additionally, accessible playgrounds tend to feature surfacing like poured-in-place rubber or concrete, which are properly pressurized and accommodative to children with wheelchairs and other walking devices. If you’re trying to make an existing playground more accessible, start by ensuring that your playground surfacing can be easily traversed by kids in wheelchairs. Then, consider where on your playground you can add play elements like boards or activity panels. 

Why Build a Special Needs Playground?

The main reason to build an inclusive playground is that leisure time on the playground should be something that every child can enjoy. Sadly, the amenities and equipment most often found on playgrounds does not adequately accommodate a variety of abilities. By introducing ground-level playground panels, wheelchair ramps,  as well as ensuring proper surfacing, you can begin to make your playground into a place that’s inclusive and welcome to children of all physical abilities.