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Residential Playground Equipment for Home Use

For many parents, backyard playground equipment offers their kids a safe place to play for a reasonable price. However, you want to be careful that you’re never sacrificing safety or quality for an attractive deal. At, we take measures to ensure that only the highest-quality residential playgrounds make it to your backyard.

How Do You Know if Your Structures Are Up to Standards?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has an online publication to advise parents on backyard safety measures: It’s definitely worth a look. Although only 20% of playground injuries happen at home, 60% of all injuries occur because of falls or equipment failure. Buying IPEMA-tested equipment that complies with the CPSC’s standards is important, and opting for professional residential playground installation can also help you to avoid these kinds of risks.

How Do You Know if Your Backyard Is Playground-Ready?

When constructing a playground, residential areas need to be properly surveyed for potential hazards. The earlier obstructions such as geographic irregularities, animal habitats, and floodplains are identified, the more smoothly your home playground installation will go. A proper survey will help you place your home playground equipment in the right locations to maximize safety.

How Do You Decide What Playground Equipment to Purchase?

It’s important to match the backyard play equipment you purchase to the target age group of the kids who will be using it. Unlike a commercial playground, where there will always be a younger generation coming along as the last one outgrows your equipment, your home playground will be used by the same kids as they grow, so you’ll want to maximize the usable age range of your equipment.

Our home playground equipment will transform your yard into a safe and fun environment, and that’s not the only benefit. With our playground equipment for home use, you have the option to customize each playground structure to fit you and your family’s specific needs. Want an extra climber? No problem! Looking for a different shape or color slide for your background playground equipment? We can make that happen. It’s our philosophy that each customer is an individual, so each product should be unique as well. We approach every customer interaction as a new opportunity to build something new and exciting in backyard playground equipment.

At, we specialize in high-quality commercial-grade playground equipment, but we also offer residential playground accessories. For instance, rubber mulch or poured-in-place rubber both present superior protective surfaces compared to sand, pebbles, or wood mulch, and advanced shade structures can protect children from the sun’s harmful UV rays, maximizing play time even in the heat of summer.

If you want to assemble a sturdy swing set piece by piece, our swing components can help you put together the most reliable residential playground equipment for sale anywhere.

Overwhelmed with the choices available? The good news is that you’re not on your own. Let our safety and installation experts guide you through this important process. Whether you’re looking for complete sets or individual playground structures, residential or commercial, let be your guide. Get started today on figuring out the right residential playground equipment for your needs by contacting us online or by phone.

Edited by: Ben Thompson