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Shade structures are rising in popularity! Not only are shades for covering picnic areas, but shades are great for covering playgrounds, pools, and parking places. We have compiled the top five reasons we think using a shade structure is important.

Use Shade for Sun, Hail, and UV Protection

1. UV protection for playground and pool users

One of the most obvious reasons for using a shade structure is to protect playground and pool users, and those supervising, from the sun's UV rays. Skin cancer is extremely common and can be prevented by limiting sun exposure. Early sun exposure is a major risk factor in developing skin cancer later in life. Since children spend the most time in the sun, shade structures will go a long way in helping protect them from too much exposure. Adults will appreciate the protection too!

2. Prevent playground equipment from getting too hot

On sunny days, playground equipment can easily burn children due to the heat of the sun on the equipment. An easy fix to this problem is to add a shade structure! Shade structures are designed to protect from the heat of the sun. Children have suffered second and third degree burns from equipment that had gotten too hot. Shade structures easily prevent these burns.

3. Protect vehicles from hail damage

Shade structures are popular over parking spaces for a few reasons. Not only do they shade vehicles from the sun, helping to keep the temperature inside the vehicle down, but they also protect from hail damage. Shade structures that are used for parking spaces are made from metal posts and either fabric or metal canopies. Metal canopies are the best option for protecting from hail damage.

4. Protect playground equipment from sun damage

Over time, sun exposure can damage playground equipment. Plastic will fade and break down from sun exposure in places where it is sunny all the time. A shade structure will help slow the process down considerably, if not prevent it all together.

5. Give users a cool place to relax

Shade structures give patrons a place to relax and cool off from the heat of the sun. Whether they are pool side, watching at a playground, or having a picnic, people will appreciate having a shady place to relax.