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Wheelchair Swings

At Playground, we recognize the importance of providing fun and safe activities for adults and children of all abilities. That's why we offer accessible swings that can be used by those in wheelchairs. Our wheelchair swings have been specifically made to accommodate mobility equipment and provide the same type of motion and experience of traditional swings Make the conscientious choice to install these swings before opening your playground to comply with any Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines or regulatory laws in your area.

Opportunities for inclusive play and the availability of accessible structures are the rights of disabled children and adults everywhere. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), among many other organizations, encourages the establishment and maintenance of universal play areas, as they contribute to the emotional, psychological, and social needs of disabled people. The best types of accessible playground equipment, like those offered in our online store, also support the physical abilities of the disabled. We aim to provide every chance for the differently-abled to enjoy the same spaces and activities as their non-disabled peers, which is why we sell the very best in wheelchair swing equipment.

What makes our wheelchair swings stand out from standard equipment are all of their intricate parts and mechanics. Special chains connected to the swing allow disabled children or adults to use their arms to start momentum all on their own. Such a feature can give wheelchair users new senses of independence and freedom. If a wheelchair user doesn't have enough arm strength for these maneuvers, a friend or companion can help start the classic forward and backward motion for them. Entrance onto and exit from this piece of equipment is hassle-free, as well. Our inventory proves that a ramp on a wheelchair swing can be all that's needed to put those who use mobility aids on the path to joy.

An investment in a wheelchair swing for your playground is an investment in the strength of your community. When you buy this equipment from us, disabled children and adults will be given the opportunity to take part in the physical aspects of a play space with accessible wheelchair swings as part of your neighborhood, school or commercial playground. These swings set the stage for social inclusion, as those in wheelchairs will no longer have to sit on the sidelines while watching their friends have fun together. With society's awareness for the needs of the disabled increasing every day, you can do your part to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the needs of differently-abled people with a simple purchase like this.

We take great pride in providing structures that can create inclusive spaces. In addition to being able to buy adapted playground equipment, like wheelchair swings, you'll also have your choice of a number of other items in our online store that will help you create the perfect play area. Whether you're looking for full play systems or basic site amenities like picnic tables, we have the products for sale that can get your play area up and running after an easy delivery process. Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and request a quote today to find out why Playground Equipment remains the leader of the play system pack.