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Playground Steering Wheels

Encourage youngsters to take the helm of their imaginations by adding a steering wheel component to your playground set or play area with Designing a playground involves incorporating a variety of features into the overall structure to create a diverse unit that will appeal to a large group of kids. Too often, we focus on exclusively fitness, but young minds need exercise as well. Appeal to their ingenuity and encourage originality as they come up with their own stories around this simple yet effective addition. If your playground needs an area for children that encourages imaginative play, steering wheel components may be your best bet.

Driving Imagination Forward

A playground steering wheel generally fits into a panel of a structure. The structure could be on the ground level or on an upper level, depending on the playground design. To meet the needs of a diverse group of children, a playground must include a specific number of both elevated and ground-level play areas, each with engaging components for interactive and imaginative play. Many people choose to include a playground wheel in a structure because it enhances play value significantly. When youngsters play, steering wheel components may immediately encourage children to imagine unique scenarios. The children might pretend the unit is a ship or a vehicle. Children often see a playground steering wheel and come up with their own creative ideas either on their own or with friends. Uniquely, this type of component encourages both individual and team play at the same time. It’s likely that students will remain engaged for a longer time when a structure includes components like a steering wheel for children.

Steering Young Minds

Adding a driving station to your play area is easy to do with many types of playground equipment. Spinning wheel or steering wheel components can be quickly installed. The steering wheel rotates, enabling youngsters to grasp the wheel and pretend they are driving. This type of play is suitable for children of all ages, from toddler to grade school and beyond. Children with physical disabilities are also able to engage in this type of playground activity when it is installed on lower-level play areas. With brightly colored buttons within easy reach, the youngest children can begin recognizing specific shapes and colors as they play.

The Perfect Playground Addition

At, we are committed to providing unparalleled excellence in playground equipment suitable for both commercial and residential installation. We believe that every child deserves a chance to play outdoors with high-quality equipment that will expand their imaginations and increase their physical agility. Our components are durable and strong, ensuring that children experience safe enjoyment during their outdoor play. We offer a wide range of components to enable administrators to build an outdoor playground that conforms to their exact specifications. We offer only the safest components for sale from our suppliers, competitively priced and delivered as quickly as possible in excellent condition. Contact us today via our online chat, by filling out our online contact form, or by calling 800-667-0097 to receive a competitive price quote.