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Playground Tube Slides

Most kids are excited to try every piece of equipment on a new playground. Some kids head for the swings right away, while others opt for a colorful climber or crawl tube. At, we happen to know that tunnel slides are a special favorite of lots of kids. In addition to being fun, playground activity benefits kids in a number of different ways. Take a look at a few of the ways kids benefit when they play on a playground tube slide.

Development of Gross Motor Skills

A tube slide helps children to hone their gross motor skills. For instance, a child gains hand and arm strength by gripping the hand rail of a slide to climb to the top. Plus, a child strengthens their legs by navigating each step to the top of the ladder. In addition, kids exercise their knees and legs as they seat themselves at the top of the slide.

Development of the Vestibular System

Playing on a playground tube slide also helps with a child’s vestibular development. The vestibular system is related to a child’s sense of balance. A child playing on a commercial tube slide improves their sense of balance when climbing the steps of the ladder. Also, a child’s sense of balance is challenged during the quick movement down a slide. At, we are happy to provide schools and other organizations with a quote on any of the tube slides for playgrounds in our online selection. We have a number of appealing designs for those who want to find a unique tube slide for sale that’s sure to be popular with kids.

Teaching Children How to Take Turns

Plastic tube slides can also be helpful in teaching children how to take turns. Each child must wait at the bottom of the ladder for their turn to climb. Children will learn the importance of waiting until the person ahead of them reaches the bottom of the slide. This is just one of the lessons that students learn during the socialization process.

Burning Excess Energy

Children who are playing in a safe way on the playground are burning a lot of excess energy. This builds muscles and helps a child to maintain a healthy weight. Also, exercising on the playground can help kids to sleep better. Not surprisingly, kids who establish the habit of exercising are likely to maintain that habit into adulthood. The enclosed slides on our website are colorful and enticing to kids. Including these types of slides on a playground increases the chances that kids will want to play longer and burn more energy.

Building Confidence

Kids can gain self-confidence when they play on a tube slide. Going down a tunnel slide is a little different from sliding down a traditional uncovered slide. But once a kid tries one tunnel slide, they will feel less hesitant to move on to the next one!

Buy an Affordable, Durable Tube Slide Today

At, we offer a great selection of straight and spiral tube slides, with varying pricing depending on the specific features chosen. Deck heights range from 7 to 16 feet, and spiral slides can be made with right turns or left turns. You can also choose indoor or outdoor mounting options or freestanding models. But no matter which type of playground tube slide you choose, you can rest assured that we work hard to make our prices as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. We also offer several delivery options to organizations and schools that contact us for a quote on a tube slide for sale. We are glad to answer any questions regarding the design details of our slides, safety features, and more. Contact us today to add some fun to your play space!