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Loveland $37,350.00


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Product Specifications

Model Number:
Age Range:
5-12 years
Child Capacity:
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
Product Type:
Safety Zone:
37' 5" x 61' 9"

ADA Accessibility

13 components
Ground Level:
6 components

✓ ADA Compliant


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487-11 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

Loveland is a play system that puts kids high above the rest of the playground. It has a huge area of elevated platforms set a full six feet above the ground. This offers a perfect elevated view of their surroundings and makes the structure a prominent sight. It is also a huge advantage for slides, which is why Loveland has plenty. It’s huge 8-foot Straight Slide is likely to be the biggest and fastest on the playground. The 76-inch Spiral slide offers a slower ride with plenty of twists and turns, and the trio of 6-foot slides makes a great place for crowded playgrounds and for kids who want to race their friends. The high decks also allow even the tallest kids to walk beneath them without ducking, and leave room for activities such as the Bench Panel and Store Panel. No matter what kids are interested in, they will find plenty to love about Loveland.

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