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Replacement Swing Seats

Maintaining a safe playground requires attentiveness and a commitment to buying quality products. At, we aim to serve your needs by offering commercial-grade replacement swing seats for swing sets that have been damaged or otherwise compromised. We know how important it is to protect the integrity of playground equipment and the safety of kids who play on it. With a little commitment from you to regularly inspect your playground equipment and a few durable swing seat replacement parts from us, you can be sure that your structure will remain viable for years to come. Start your equipment upgrade by assessing your swings for common problems, then purchase your commercial or residential replacement swings

The seats play a crucial role in a swing set, providing a secure and comfortable place for each child to sit as they pump their legs and move the swings back and forth. That’s why it’s crucial to keep on top of swing set maintenance needs and make sure the seats are in good shape. Throughout the year, it’s important to conduct regular checks of all playground equipment, swing seats included, to keep kids from playing on potentially dangerous or faulty structures at your school, playground, or park. Inspect your play structures for damage, rust, and other issues every season. Pay special attention to metal parts during particularly rainy periods, as the moisture can cause the metal parts of a swing set seat or other swing components to rust. Of course, weather isn’t the only culprit; normal wear and tear can also make it necessary to replace parts of your playground equipment. Swing seats can crack and require replacement so that you can be sure that they can bear the weight of playing children.

Consider changing your swings if they no longer meet modern equipment safety recommendations. Swings should be placed at least a foot apart, with more space allowed for a tire swing, since they can swing in all directions. Swing seats should be made of rubber or plastic, and the chains should be in good condition. Choose one of our replacement swings for swing set installation projects if you find that your swings don’t meet these criteria. You might also think about investing in replacement swing seats if your residential or commercial play structure is old, features an outdated design, or incorporates dangerous metal pieces like open S-hooks. Regardless of the type of replacement swing set seat you choose from our online inventory, space the swings far away from other play structures for maximum safety.

We carry a great selection of replacement swing seats in many different styles. Customers can choose from traditional strap seats available in black or a variety of colors, bucket seats designed for toddlers and infants, and accessible swing seats that let all children join in the fun. And not only does carry a wide range of durable replacement swings for swing sets, but we also offer a wide variety of amenities to make your playground even safer than the average play area. Proper protective surfacing can ensure that kids who play in and around structures are protected from undue injury if they fall or jump off of equipment. And we are especially proud to offer many products to create an accessible and safe play area for disabled kids and adults. When you buy these particular items, you create a safe space for people of all abilities to enjoy. Trust us to meet your swing replacement needs and you can rest assured that your playground’s safety is in good hands.

Contact one of our customer service representatives today for a free quote or for information on how to have your swing set replacement parts delivered to your home or commercial establishment with our fast shipping options. If you don’t see the replacement swing set seats you’re looking for, reach out to us and we’ll gladly help you get what you need for swing replacement, even if you require a custom product. And once you take advantage of our affordable prices, you’ll be glad to discover that our swing set replacement parts and seats are also easy to install. Let us take the hassle out of buying the best replacement swings for swing sets: Call us today for more information on installation and ordering so that you can get started creating or upgrading your play space.