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Outdoor Parallel Bars

Kids need exercise just like adults to stay healthy and fit. Regular physical activity helps youngsters maintain a healthy weight, and it helps them grow with strong muscles and bones. Just because children need exercise does not mean it should be boring or tedious, though. Having an extensive playground available with a variety of features means even more fun and lots more opportunity for active play. A playground that features equipment such as outdoor parallel bars can give kids fun options for exercise, which may mean that they stay more active.

Playground parallel bars include two bars made from galvanized steel. With a powder-coat painted finish, parallel bars for kids are ready to withstand hard use while remaining attractive and in good condition. Parallel bars fall under the general category of climbing equipment. This type of equipment is recommended for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 for the safest play. Kids of this age usually have more agility and a higher level of climbing skill. These youngsters are able to handle more physical challenges due to greater coordination, better balance, and more upper-body strength.

On the playground, children might use outdoor parallel bars in many different ways. By grasping the bars, kids can pull their bodies up using the muscles in their upper bodies. With a hand on each of the playground parallel bars, it’s possible to support the body in a vertical position off of the ground. Moving the hands in succession along the bars, a child can move from one end of the parallel bars to the other. This activity requires both arm and core strength as well as balance and agility. Parallel bars for kids are also ideal for climbing and swinging. offers a full range of playground equipment, including parallel bars for sale. These components are suitable for both residential and commercial installation. Homeowners can design and create an innovative and engaging playground in a backyard to keep kids active outdoors. Schools and day cares might also design and install full playgrounds for children that include many different components. At, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to play on high-quality playground equipment designed for safety and unlimited fun. Safety is our priority, so we ensure that every product we offer adheres to national safety standards instituted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Whether you are searching for products to buy for a home or a commercial playground, you can count on the equipment offered by We offer the fastest shipping available via several different methods. Please note that some items are built to order, so delivery may take up to four weeks in some cases. Our representatives are available to answer your questions or resolve your concerns. We also have free resources available online to help consumers plan and build their playgrounds with safety and child enjoyment in mind. Please contact us via online chat, by email, or by phone for more information about our parallel bars for sale or any of our other products.