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Play Is Good, Even For The Soul

Churches play a big role in a kids’ spiritual life and personal development. Aside from their kids ministries’ events, they also provide additional activities through their church playgrounds that enhance children’s social skills as well as improve their motor skills through physical play. These playgrounds also serve as the safe zone for kids in which parents can be assured of their child’s protection, and at the same time, providing a fun and enjoyable playtime for them. While attending church services and activities, parents need not worry if their children is loitering around in another location, or worse, leaving the entire church premises without you noticing them.

These play areas not only offer an enjoyable time to kids, but it can also build the fun and faith of children every time they visit their local church. If you think that building one is an overwhelming and tiring task, Playground Equipment is here to help you out in every step of the way—from planning, choosing the right play items, and installing—to ensure that your church and your congregation gets the best playground to help kids build their faith even at a younger age.

Why Build A Church Playground?

Building a church playground for your congregation offers a lot of benefits. Children having a grand time during play time acquire different benefits that are good for them physically and emotionally. Plus, since this is a specific themed playground, you also get to provide kids an added benefit: building their spirituality while at play.

Physically Fit And Healthy Kids

Nowadays, children spend more time glued to their seats while accessing the internet and playing online games during their free time. This makes them develop a sedentary lifestyle which limits them from engaging in active play. Encourage them to play again in order to be stronger physically and have a healthier body.

Kids who actively play on a regular basis develop gross motor skills such as crawling, walking, climbing, throwing, jumping, and balancing. On the other hand, handling and manipulating toys using their hands and fingers help them to improve their fine motor skills. Regular play time also helps children to have strong and agile muscles, and their sensorimotor skills are also honed, having proper coordination between the actions of their body and their brain activity. Children then become more flexible, stronger, and able to handle day-to-day physical activities whether they are in school, at home, or enjoying the outdoors.

In order to meet these benefits, Playground Equipment offers a wide-range of products that can help your children develop stronger bodies, while engaging in active play whenever you visit the church. Since church playgrounds are public playgrounds, only commerical-grade play items should be used while building your play areas. Using residential play equipment for your playground can make you liable in lawsuits for any injury or accident that will happen in your play area.

We offer play fitness equipment for your church playground such as fault bars, balance beams, ladders, and boarding nets for your children’s physical fitness activities. You can also choose to have a complete fitness course set up to keep kids busy and fit, and at the same time have fun while passing through all the course stations. These fitness equipment will help them to have a healthy heart, improve alertness, reduce levels of stress, and control weight.

Improved Self, Thanks To Active Play

Children also receive lots of emotional benefits because of regular play time. They are able to express and cope with their emotions in every play situation that they encounter such as taking turns when using a play item, sharing, or playing together as a team. These situations help them to be more patient and demonstrate empathy towards other kids which can help them attain a healthy physical, social, and emotional well-being. This will make them more sociable with other children, and can also guide them in managing their emotions with the help of parents, teachers, and guardians.

Kids are also able to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem when they feel good about achieving a goal while at play, like being able to climb the top of a climber. This will help them gauge their skills, strengths, and they will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment every time they meet their goals which will inspire them to look forward to other goals and play challenges ahead.

You can build a church playground that will help kids improve their social skills and grow emotionally healthy by installing swing sets, climbers, and playground games such as a tic-tac-toe panel or a toss-up game which can encourage a fun play time while interacting with other kids to develop their social skills.

Faith Building At Play

Church playgrounds do not only provide the best playing experience to kids; it also helps kids to build the faith every time they visit the church. Church leaders, through their kids’ ministries, provide fun and exciting activities for kids to learn more about their faith and spirituality at a young age. And you can conduct these activities right in your own church playground. Aside from this, children can also be active in using these play areas during your vacation bible school, before and after church activities, or while waiting for their parents attending a specific event inside the church.

For your church playground, you can opt for a religious themed playground in order to encourage kids’ creativity while at play. Our Noah’s Ark Play System not only allows kids to enjoy the bow panel that looks like the same panel from ships, but it also makes them have fun playing the entire play set by climbing through its elephant panels, up and down the coil climbers, or sliding down in its slides. Teach the story of Noah’s Ark creatively by allowing kids to role-play while using this play system. You can also have a customized prayer panel to familiarize kids with the basic prayers. Ask us how you can have these for your church playground.

Playgrounds For All

Since churches are public places, your playground should also be accessible to all kids, especially to those who have special needs. Complete your church playground by installing play equipment that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so you’re sure that each child gets equal play access in your church playground.

Ready For The Next Step?

If you’re ready to build your church playground and view our product lines, request a catalog from us today for our full listing of commercial playground equipment, or contact us via e-mail, phone, or through our live chat and we’ll be happy to help you out in building the best church playground for the kids of your congregation that suits your budget and play needs.