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60 Thrifty Ways to Help Save the Environment

60 Thrifty Ways to Help Save the Planet - - Infographic

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April 22nd is Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual worldwide event to help advocate for the protection and preservation of the planet. This includes cutting down on plastic pollution, reducing our carbon footprint, and recycling resources. For the sake of our children and the future of Earth, clean air, land, and water must be a priority. There are countless small ways to live a more sustainable life as an individual and as a family. Going green together can be fun, especially if you take baby steps! This includes choosing eco-friendly products, recycling, cutting down on plastic, using less water, and walking more. Your recycled materials can be transformed into all sorts of wonderful things, such as playground equipment, packaging, and even clothing! This is a guide to manageable and thrifty actions you can take to protect the planet while also saving money.