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Given enough time, metal swing sets will start to rust as the outdoor elements take their toll. Like all metal playground equipment, commercial swing sets are not immune to the effects of rain, snow, and other outdoor elements over a long period. 

How Does Rust Affect Swing Sets?

An alloy of iron and carbon, steel is susceptible to a process known as corrosion, more commonly referred to as rust. Rusting occurs when iron atoms in the steel react with oxygen and moisture in the environment. Several factors influence the rate of corrosion, such as exposure to salt and high temperatures.

To prevent rust in commercial swing sets, various methods are employed. Applying protective coatings like paint or galvanizing creates a physical barrier between the steel and the corrosive elements. Additionally, many steel materials incorporate chromium, which forms a stable oxide layer on its surface and prevents rust formation. Understanding the mechanisms of steel corrosion allows for the implementation of preventive measures to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of playground swing sets.

How do Commercial Swing Sets Resist Rusting?

Most playground swing sets feature a powder-coated steel frame, which allows them to delay the onset of rust far longer than typical steel or iron. What’s more, galvanized steel is used in most commercial-grade swing sets, making the steel itself to be naturally resistant to corrosion. Essentially, galvanization forms a protective barrier that prevents oxygen and corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel, making galvanized steel swing sets a long-lasting and cost effective investment for playgrounds. When purchasing a playground swing set, it’s important to select one that will stand the test of time and remain safe for kids to use even after prolonged use. 

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Edited by: Ben Thompson