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Maximum Series Square Deck Request

Maximum Series Square Deck
  • Maximum Series Square Deck
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Product Specifications

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Component Only

Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

Decks like this Maximum Series Square Deck are the basic building blocks of all play structures. They are made from high quality steel that won’t scratch, dent or bend. The small perforated holes reduce the overall weight of the structure, allow water from rain or snow to drain so that the deck stays dry, and just give it a more interesting look. Their PVC plastisol coating makes them an ideal surface for kids to play on, since it has plenty of friction to keep them from slipping, and also insulates the metal so that it doesn’t get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. The Maximum Series Square Deck is one of our smallest pieces available, which makes it a versatile piece which can be used in structures of any size. With a Transfer Station attached to one side, an activity panel to the second, a slide to the third, and a climber to the fourth, this single deck can be used to create an entire play system all on its own.

Ask a Question

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What are the dimensions of one piece of the square deck?
  • Hi Gerald! Thank you for your interest in our Maximum Series Square Deck. A representative will be reaching out to you shortly.
    The Answer from Ben Thompson - November 13, 2023
Will the Maximum Series Square Deck work with other playground structures?
  • Hello Brandon!
    Typically Playgroundequipment.
    com products will not fit other manufacturers' products. Feel free to send images with measurements and we can confirm if our equipment would work!
    The Answer from Ben Thompson - November 13, 2023 - February 16, 2023