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Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge Request

Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge
  • Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge
NOTE: Selecting “Blue” painted mulch changes quantity needed
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Product Specifications

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Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

When it comes to playground equipment, pebbles rock, and none more so than the Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge. Kids will discover constant diversion in the opportunity to hang on, hop over, and race across this structure that offers all the fun of jumping around on boulders but in a far more safe design. Each pair of pebbles has a higher and lower pebble, and the staggered heights make them more fun to hop and climb between. Fun isn’t the only concern here, though. These pebbles also include extra traction to reduce the risk of slips and falls, while the poles running between the pebbles help children to maintain their balance. With the color options available, you can transform the Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge into a romp through the boggy jungle full of Lime Green vines and Primary Green pebbles or create a precarious gorge with Brown posts and Terra Cotta pebbles representing the only way across the chasm. Themed colors or not, the adventure is there for every kid to see at the Get Physical Series Pebble Bridge.

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