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Playground Monkey Bars for Kids

When it comes to playground equipment, monkey bars are a classic and popular climber choice for children of all ages. These versatile and engaging play elements provide an exciting challenge for kids as they swing, climb, and hang their way from bar to bar. Monkey bars and overhead climbers offer a range of physical benefits, including the development of upper body strength, grip strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Spending time outdoors engaged in active play should be part of every child's day, and when you create an outdoor playground at a school, daycare center, or home, it can help to ensure that youngsters get the time they need to run and play. A kids' playground should include a range of different equipment, such as a monkey bar set, swings, a jungle gym, and slides, so it appeals to a large group of children. When you buy monkey bars online from, you'll get all of the equipment and accessories you need for school, residential, or park playgrounds. From slides to swings to monkey bars, playground equipment is our specialty!

Why Kids Need Monkey Bars

As children use playground equipment like monkey bars and climbers, they gain positive physical benefits. When they're using stand-alone monkey bars, kids are also building their proprioceptive sense. This means that they develop knowledge of their physical bodies just by using their muscles, ligaments, and joints while climbing on the rungs. This proprioceptive sense puts kids in better control of their bodies as they move and when they are still. Hanging from metal monkey bars and climbing from rung to rung also develops gross motor skills, builds core muscles, and helps establish upper-body control and strength in the hands and arms. When you're buying playground equipment, monkey bars are some of the best things to add to encourage childhood fun and development.

Find the Right Kids' Monkey Bars at the Right Price

Stand-alone playground monkey bars for kids are a popular and recommended option for any play space, and can help you find the perfect ones. Monkey bars for children can have a variety of designs and features that are perfect for parks, schools, and backyards alike! From climbing ropes to hanging obstacles, we have lots of options available to suit different preferences and play spaces.

Some playground monkey bars for sale take up more space than others, so part of your decision will be based on the size of your space. You'll also want to look at the age range of the kids using your commercial playground equipment, as monkey bars should be scaled to the size of the users for their safety. We have smaller sizes so children as young as 5 can use a metal monkey bar set, and we also have a variety of shapes and configurations to appeal to older and stronger kids. Whether you're looking for a compact set for younger children or a challenging configuration for older kids, you’ll find it here.

Explore our selection of monkey bars for the playground to find just the right product for you! Then, take advantage of our low prices on top-quality, durable free-standing monkey bars. Playground equipment that's long-lasting and affordable isn't out of reach with!

Why Rely on for Monkey Bars?

At our family-owned company, we work hard to provide safe and durable playground equipment for both residential and commercial use. We're experts in how kids play, and we've committed ourselves to offering high-quality playsets, including components such as a metal monkey bar set that can give children the opportunities they need for active play. Contact us today to learn about our fast delivery of commercial-grade, free-standing monkey bars for sale, receive a free quote, or place your order for a heavy-duty playground monkey bar set. Not sure which product would be best? Just call, email, or use our live online chat and we'll help you find monkey bars for sale that are perfect for your recreational space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Playground Monkey Bars

What Are the Benefits of Monkey Bars?

Using a monkey bar playground set promotes good balance and posture and improves upper-body strength. Monkey bars can also help kids hone their hand-eye coordination.

How High Should Monkey Bars Be Off the Ground?

Monkey bar structures for young children shouldn't be more than 5 feet tall. The bars should be no less than 9 inches apart and no more than a foot apart. For older children, playground monkey bar dimensions can be up to 7 feet tall, and the monkey bar handles can have spacing that is up to 15 inches apart.

How Do You Stabilize Monkey Bars?

When you're installing commercial playground equipment, monkey bars can be anchored into the ground with pegs or by using concrete. Follow the instructions that come with your particular set of commercial monkey bars to ensure that they're installed properly so they don't move while kids use them.

What Do You Put Under Monkey Bars?

It's important to put safe surfacing such as loose rubber mulch, wood chips, or poured-in-place rubber flooring under your playground monkey bars to protect kids from injury if they fall.

How Much Do Monkey Bars Cost?

You can buy stand-alone monkey bars for sale at that cost from $2,600 to $11,600. The price of monkey bars for a playground depends on how big and elaborate you want your set of monkey bars to be. Smaller sets of commercial monkey bars for sale are usually made for one child to use at a time, while larger, more expensive ones are created for multiple kids to climb.

How Can You Add Monkey Bars to a Playset?

You can add monkey bar equipment to playsets by purchasing a monkey bar kit in a configuration that will work with your existing playset. For instance, you may be able to replace an existing single wall with a climbing wall, add an extra wall projecting from one side, or install a set of outdoor monkey bars extending from an existing upper platform.

What Other Types of Climbing Equipment Does Offer?

In addition to our high-quality monkey bars, we also have a variety of sturdy metal climbing structures, durable plastic climbers, exciting climbing rocks designed specifically for playsets, and engaging climbing rope ladders. With these options, you can easily find the perfect climbing equipment to add more fun and adventure to your play area.