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Playground Maintenance Checklist

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Items to be checked

(Download the detailed checklist PDF version for convenient use on your own.)  

A. Over-All Structure

  1. Post and play event footings are not exposed, cracked or loose 
  2. Clamps show no sign of slippage, cracking, or failure 
  3. Clamp drive screws and / or pins are secure 
  4. Welds are intact and free of cracks 
  5. Slide and Deck Enclosures 
  6. Challenge Ladders 
  7. Swing, Ring, Trek, and Track Ride Cross Beams 
  8. Arch, Curly, and Pipe Climbers 
  9. Mounting Blocks 
  10. No Rust or Corrosion 
  11. No splintered, cracked or otherwise deteriorated wood (pay special attention to areas where chains or rails thread through the wood. 
  12. No scratched, chipped or peeling paint 
  13. Metal parts show no visible cracks, bending, warping, or breakage 
  14. No missing bolts, nuts, screws, etc. 
  15. All bolts, nuts, screws, etc. are tight 
  16. All joints are secure (pay special attention to sectional slides, pipe climbers, and challenge ladders) 
  17. All swivels, bearings, grease fittings, and moving parts are well lubricated and not excessively worn (pay special attention to tire swings, belt swings, track rides, and ring treks) 
  18. No broken or missing parts 
  19. No sharp edges or unsafe protrusions (check metal corners, bolts, etc.) 
  20. No exposed mechanisms, junctions of moving parts, or components are posing possible pinch or crush points  

B. Play Events

  1. Plastic is not cut or curled 
  2. All slide support / anchors are intact and secure 
  3. All "S" hooks are closed and not excessively worn  

C. Swings

  1. All "S" hooks are closed and not excessively worn 
  2. No exposed metal on swing seats 
  3. Swivel rubber sleeve of tire swing is in place and not excessively worn 
  4. Swing Chain is in good condition and not excessively worn, especially at connection points 
  5. Connectors and chain have free movement  

D. Surrounding Area 

  1. Resilient surfacing material is not scattered or excessively worn (pay special attention to area at the end of slides and under swings 
  2. Resilient surfacing material is adequately deep and retains its fall asborbing abilities as specified at installation 
  3. Border apround playground is in good condition and has not come loose 
  4. No roots, rocks, or other objects are causing a tripping or injury hazard 
  5. Area is clean of litter (no broken glass or bottles, etc.) 
  6. Benches are securely fastened to underlying cement pad