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Tetherballs and Kickballs for Schools is happy to be the best source for connecting customers with safe, affordable, high-quality commercial and residential playground equipment at great prices. Our play structures, themed playgrounds, and other equipment are sure to make your playground stand out from the pack. Whether you’re looking for game structures, kickballs, tetherballs, or other playground balls for schools, we’re sure to have something for you.

We stand behind the durability of our equipment, and you can rest assured that our systems are made from the best-quality materials designed to last a lifetime. All of our outdoor equipment is coated with UV inhibitors that will help your products withstand even the toughest weather. When you buy from us, we will work with you to help build the perfect playground for your needs.

Get the Best Playground Balls for Schools

Give a child a ball and the games are sure to follow! Playing ball has been shown to improve hand-eye coordination, keep kids fit, and encourage teamwork. It also appears to offer lifelong health benefits. At, we have kickballs, funnel balls, and dodgeballs for sale that are great for indoor or outdoor use, so you can use them to play kickball on a school baseball or softball field or take your dodgeball game to a nearby park’s soccer field, then pick up your playground balls and take them inside the gym to keep the fun going on a rainy day. Our products are built to stand up to the abuse that children can dish out, so whether you’re using our kickballs, dodgeball balls, and other balls for sale in the backyard with friends, on the playground at recess, or during a structured gym class at school, they won’t let you down. Browse through our online selection of balls made from rubber and synthetics to find the best options for playing dodgeball, kickball, or any other type of ball game you can dream up! needs.

Why Shop With Us?

We are proud to be a trusted source for everything related to playground equipment. We offer multipurpose playground balls, bulk dodgeballs for sale, and other extra equipment needed to take your playground to the next level. We are dedicated to bringing you only the best customer service and making sure that every order is delivered safely and securely. So why should you choose us as your source for quality play equipment? We have many years of experience in the commercial playground equipment field and understand how to bring you the best service possible We are also a family-owned company with a passion for building a friendly and reliable business. If you have any questions or would like help putting together the perfect playground, please feel free to contact us anytime!