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Special Design Consideration for Faith-Based Play Equipment

Religious theme playground equipment for use on church playgrounds can be found with varying levels of activity in multiple price ranges. A theme playground can offer unique value to particular settings, such as churches. Playgrounds are generally attractive and provide a visual affect for the church to proudly demonstrate to the community.

Faith-Based Themes: Available religious themes can include a component as simple as a Prayer Panel or something on a much larger scale. The Noah's Ark playground is popular with church preschools and is offered in two models. All church playground equipment should be built to meet commercial standards for use on public playgrounds.

Recycled Plastic & Saving $: Recycled plastic playground equipment like the Noah's Ark offers churches a unique look in regards to design. The steeple-like post and roof combination provides an attractive look for church settings and is available in appealing color combinations. The solid recycled-plastic construction is easy for a group of adult volunteers to install with minimal tools required. Supervised or self-installations can save thousands of dollars on a playground purchase.

Commercial Grade Required: As a church playground is considered open to use by the public, only commercial grade equipment should be considered for use at a church playground. Although the price of commercial equipment is higher than that of residential grade, the use of residential grade material on a church playground will result in the church being liable in lawsuits in the event an injury would occur.