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Swing Set Quality: Commercial Versus Residential

The swing is a common activity for commercial and residential use on outdoor playgrounds. Playground equipment swings provide a suspended seat that moves forward and backwards from the shifting of weight by the user. Commercial playground swings are suspended with commercial steel chain and safety hardware. A residential swing can be suspended with rope or steel chain. Both commercial and residential swings provide an engaging activity for the user.

Price or Purpose: Commercial playground swings comes in varying designs intended for aesthetic purposes. For instance, an arch post swing and a single post swing provide the same support and quality, but vary in price by hundreds of dollars. Most agree that arch posts are more aesthetically pleasing than other swings, thus a more desired design. Your purchase of a commercial swing set should take into account design, space, and price.

Use & Design: A backyard playground swing provides countless hours of enjoyment, however, such swing sets should not be placed in public settings. A backyard swing can have three and more swings connected directly to a structure with slides and climbers. Such design is not permissible for public use and is not of commercial standards. The reasoning behind such safety standards is that public playgrounds must safeguard against the possibility that children will play unsupervised by adults, thus more safety restrictions for public use playgrounds.

Safety Zones: When choosing a playground equipment swing, ask questions. has the answers to any safety question related to playground swings. Most importantly, when planning a commercial playground swing, the required safety zone must be uninhibited by other equipment and may never overlap. This prevents injuries should children release from their seat during a swing. Shop for playground swings and accessories online.