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The best outdoor playsets are commercial-grade structures. These are the durable, heavy-duty systems made from high-quality materials like powder-coated galvanized steel, rotationally-molded plastic, etc. You will see this version of a playset in public spaces like schools, parks, daycares or churches. Great playsets will be made from the highest quality materials, IPEMA-certified, ASTM compliant and a true adventure for children at play. Outdoor play systems bring learning outside, offering children a chance to get some exercise, enjoy fresh air and socialize with other children. Physical activity can relieve stress, regulate sleep, build key developing muscle groups and encourage social interaction among children. For this reason, it is important to find the right play structure for the children in each community. These can be smaller units with plenty of ground level elements for infants and toddlers, or big installations with climbers and spiral slides for elementary-age kids. 


Best Qualities of Play Structures

The best outdoor playsets will have a diverse selection of components that offer effective fun for the target ages. Play structures will often feature a combination of slides, climbers, activity panels, monkey bars and more. A great playset will have several components that will intrigue, entertain and enrich the minds and bodies of little ones. The most cost-effective outdoor playsets are typically going to be Quick Ship or In-stock structures. These are usually a selection of the most popular or best priced playsets in one or two common color schemes. They will be in-stock and ready to ship, saving the buyer a lot of time. And as we all know, time is money! Take a look at some of our Best Outdoor Playsets.


Best Early Childhood


Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow

  • In-stock and ready to ship
  • Easy to mount and assemble
  • New, state of the art for early childhood play
  • More than a dozen unique development-focused play elements




Best Value


Hoosier Nest

Hoosier Nest

  • Great for children ages 2-12
  • Holds 28-32 children
  • Incorporates 3 different play panels
  • Boasts 2 slides, wavy and spiral


Cooper’s Neck

  • Boasts a variety of play components including climbers, slides and ladders
  • Perfect for elementary-age children
  • Holds up to 40 children at once
  • Offers a lot of play for a great value


Best Sellers


Granite Manor

  • Suitable for ages 2-12
  • Affordable option that packs a punch
  • Features 2 slides, a single and a double
  • Includes a pod climber, rain wheel and a drum


Grand Cove

Grand Cove:

  • Utilizes a subtle nautical theme
  • Features 2 slides, one on each end
  • Can be accessed from the pea pod climber or transfer station
  • Suitable for ages 2-12


Best Components




  • Packed full of thrilling play components
  • Features a double, spiral, left turn, right turn and straight slide
  • Includes an attached craggy climbing wall
  • Suitable for ages 2-12


Eau Claire

Eau Claire

  • Uses 10 pebbles to connect 2 separate structures
  • Includes 3 amazing slides
  • Features a tunnel that connects two sections of the main structure
  • Suitable for ages 2-12