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4 Foot Double Straight Slide $4,026.00

4 Foot Double Straight Slide

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  • 4 Foot Double Straight Slide

Product Specifications

Model Number:
Age Range:
2-12 years
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
16’ 3” x 23’ 7”

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487-11 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

The 4-foot Double Straight Slide is the logical progression from the 3-foot Double Straight Slide, offering a foot more of height for slightly older children. If your audience is older than preschool aged children, the 4-foot Double Straight Slide may be a better bet. Just because it’s a little taller doesn’t mean it has sacrificed any safety or quality. The structure of the slide is well-supported, from its two 3.5 inch posts to its galvanized steel stairs. Like all of our slides, the 4-foot Double Straight Slide is designed with materials that can endure almost all natural elements. And since it’s a double, twice as many children will be able to use it at once. This slide is likely to provide the best second or two of their day, as the rush of movement erases all their cares. The slide and its parts are available in a number of color combinations.