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Benefits of Choosing Wood Playgrounds Over Plastic

Benefits of Choosing Wood Playgrounds

Whether you are getting a new backyard play area for your kids or upgrading your current set up, material alongside cost are major concerns. Some are leaning towards plastic material since they are widely and readily available. Yes, they’re also generally more affordable; but did you know that wood playsets are designed to give your money tangible and intangible return on your long-term investment, too?

Playground Equipment gives you a close look at how big play and low cost come together with the aid of wooden play areas. We are dedicated to helping every home build a space where children can learn more, move more, and experience a wider world more closely.

Advocates Against Child Labor

Did you know that wooden play sets were built as a response to the movement against child labor laws? This dates all the way back to the 1800’s -the time when women empowerment and private institutions fought for the so-called legal working age.

So if you are an advocate of this cause, getting a playground is a form of supporting this on-going battle to bring kids to a better future. You can even share this to your children as they indulge in slide rides.

Eco-friendly Find

Speaking of advocacy, wooden play spaces are also built with responsibly harvested materials. With every slide, climber, seesaw and swing you get is a step toward living sustainably.

For families who already have an empty nest, selling used wooden playgrounds is easier and would bring better chances of getting a higher value for other purchases in the household.

Classic is Fantastic

Plastic is flashy and vibrant. But, if you want something that never goes out of style, wood is definitely the best way to go. Wood playgrounds are crafted to bring back the well-loved treehouses sans the steep heights and uneven surfaces.

Simple as it may seem, the classics will withstand all fleeting trends that this modern world is already drowned with. An ideal breathable space for kids is one that feels and looks different and interesting.

Warmer Appeal for Kids of All Abilities

There’s something nostalgic about riding a wooden swing. Since kids are highly influenced by the environment that they are placed in, play areas that exude a warm and friendly appeal acts a “Be Nicer” stimulus.

Children who spend more time in environments where they get to see kids who are engaging in free play are more likely to be more compassionate. They tend to be more sensitive to nonverbal cues are developed through face-to-face interactions. Accessible wood play equipment stages a more fluid and more natural feel.

Safest Option

Plastic is without a doubt safe for kids; but wood is safest. Why so? Wood is more solid since it is more compact and is more resistant to wear and tear.

When you get wood that is properly harvested and treated, chances are you won’t have to deal with splinters and nasty cuts from sharp edges or bruises from blunt ones.

Supports Kids of all Ages Better

The age of exploration takes children to the possibilities of danger and risks. On top of being the safest option for your backyard play material, wood also supports kids of all ages better. Usually, wooden beams and climbers are designed to be thicker and wider.

Such design allows a younger and school-aged child to move around better, faster and even easier. Plastic may suffer from dents especially when extreme weather hits the surface over time. Wood on the other hand may appear worn out, but is still able to retain its original form.

Weight Watcher’s Wonderland

Weight management can be effectively managed right in your backyard. When you invest on big buys like a residential playground, you don’t only give your children a space to relax and learn.

More importantly, you give them a free and full access to a space where they can live better and longer, too. Productive fun time including wooden fitness play equipment also appears less intimidating and more inviting when it comes to being more creative.

More Creative, More Flexible Design

For children who are either reluctant or simply uninterested in trading their sedentary lifestyles, parents can get a leg up when they encourage their child to uncover their dreams right in their private spaces.

Compared to plastic design, wood is known to be more versatile in blending well with a home’s current landscape. Since playgrounds take a huge space, they might as well be more mindfully picked since they make or break your home’s exterior.

Instant and Pinterest-Worthy Party Space

Normally, wood sets can conveniently house more or less 10 kids at once. For homes that have limited space or simply have no time or patience to clean up for parties that are short notice, backyard play areas are always handy.

Tip: Decide on one or two color palettes that would best suit your landscape and the play space. Get a table and stock up on coordinated plates, spoons, forks, and glasses. Pick three entrees and one dessert. Make sure that the food is kid-friendly and something that the adults will enjoy, too.

If you have the luxury of time, throw in paper lanterns or a few buntings that may be leftovers from your previous parties. Finally, don’t forget to get some lights in place should the party be done during a late afternoon.

Longer Lasting Lifespan

Wood is less likely to shrink, cup and warp. More than being bug-resistant, play equipment that are derived from lumber are odorless, non-staining, and non-toxic to humans, plants and pets, too.

Less Maintenance

Personalizing your backyard playground is better done with wooden pieces in tow. More than being a space where your kids spend their downtime, playgrounds at home must also be maintained.

The price that you pay for wooden comes with a guarantee that you are on your way to less effort when it comes to maintenance. As mentioned earlier, designs these days are centered on resisting decay and even repelling insects. You don’t have to worry about splinters anymore, since builders and manufacturers already came up with splinter-free sets.

In Playground Equipment for instance, all wood play sets that we ship comes with warranties that would make your maintenance concerns even lesser and hassle-free, too.

The Choice is Still Up to You and Your Kids, Too

The considerations in choosing the best play space would still depend upon your kids’ needs and wants. If you’re strapped for time, a readily-available plastic play area would fit your immediate needs best. If you are willing to wait for a more personalized play pieces and are willing to shell out more money, then go for a wooden one.

More than a Play Space

We have received a good number of feedback saying that their playsets have been enjoyed by their kids from the time they were tiny tots up until the time they are able to go to slumber parties and soirees.

Older kids spend time in play spaces that bring them back to their childhood days usually derive inspiration and the idea of being in their own world. Poetry, photography, engineering, space voyages and other crafts have been birthed in backyards.

With all these benefits, don’t you think a wooden play set is worth the time, money and effort, too? Should you want to know more about options that may suit your playground requirement or play area specifications best, get in touch with us via live chat.