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Benefits of Choosing Wood Playgrounds Over Plastic

Whether you are getting a new wood playset for your kids or upgrading your current setup, cost and material are guaranteed to present major concerns.  Several playground developers have shifted toward plastic playgrounds due to their wide availability and general affordability.  As it turns out, wooden playsets are designed to provide tangible and intangible returns on your long-term investment

Playground Equipment gives you a close look at how big play and low cost come together with the aid of wood play structures. We are dedicated to bringing every home a space where children can learn, exert themselves, and experience the world more fully.

A Symbol Against Child Labor

Did you know that the earliest wood playgrounds were built in response to the movement against child labor laws? In the 1800’s, women’s liberation groups and private institutions fought to instate a legal working age. One of the chief arguments for keeping children at work was the notion that they would only get into trouble if left to their own devices.

At the same time, research indicated neighborhoods with supervised playgrounds saw less truancy and criminal behavior.  Additionally, children in those neighborhoods were healthier and performed better academically.  This data proved vital to the prevailing argument that children did not belong in factories.

If you consider yourself an advocate to the cause of child welfare and recreation, building a playground is a great way to show your support.  

Weight Watcher’s Wonderland

When you invest in a residential playground, you don’t just give your children a space to relax and learn, you give them free and full access to a healthier lifestyle.  Gone are the days of trekking to the gym for the occasional workout.  Weight management can be effectively managed right in your backyard.  Wooden fitness equipment will also appear less intimidating and more inviting to the casual exerciser.

Eco-Friendly Fun

Personal health isn’t the only benefit of wood play sets.  Investing in wood, rather than plastic or metal is a decision toward the health of the planet and its ecosystems as well!  Most wood playgrounds today are constructed with responsibly harvested materials, as a means toward sustainable living.

Also, once the kids move away, wood equipment is considerably easier to repurpose than other materials, so parents will have a much easier time selling it for a decent value.  Keep in mind, you’ll get more bang for your buck if the wood has been properly cared for.

Classic Fantastic

Plastic is flashy, vibrant and undeniably modern, but if you want something that never goes out of style, wood is definitely the best way to go. Wood playgrounds are designed to evoke the nostalgia of the tree houses that came before them,  sans steep heights and uneven surfaces.

It may seem simplistic, but classics will always outlive the fleeting trends that supersaturate our modern world.  Wood play sets present open, breathable spaces that bring you and your kids closer to the natural world.  It’s rustic, it’s nostalgic, it’s classic.

Equal Opportunity

Since kids are highly influenced by the environment that they are placed in, play areas that exude a warm and welcoming aura will encourage the same mentality in the kids that use them.

Children with more exposure to free and cooperative play are more likely to be more compassionate as they grow up. They tend to be more sensitive to nonverbal cues and more empathetic to the feelings of their peers.  Socializing your child young is essential to getting them ahead of the curve. Accessible wood play equipment provides a more fluid, natural environment for this important process.

Safest Option

Plastic is without a doubt safe for kids; but wood is safest.  Why so?  Wood, when properly harvested and treated, is more compact and is more resistant to wear and tear.  However, if not treated properly, you run the risk of splinters and nasty cuts from sharp edges or bruises from blunt lumber.

Supports Kids of All Ages

While threes and fours are developing their curiosity, fives and sixes have an unquenchable thirst for exploration and experimentation.  These are important behaviors to encourage in children, even as they inevitably lead to dangers and risks takes.

In addition to being the safe option, wood playgrounds also serve a variety of age groups.   Wooden beams and climbers are designed to be thicker and wider, allowing school-aged children to maneuver quicker and easier.  

Longer Lifespan

Wood is less likely to shrink, cup or warp. In addition to being bug-resistant, play equipment derived from lumber is odorless, non-staining, and non-toxic to humans, plants or pets.

Over time, harsh weather can take a toll on plastic structures, but wood is sturdy.  While it may appear worn out, a wooden playground can retain its original form for long periods of time.

Instant and Pinterest-Worthy Party Space

Typical wood play sets can comfortably house 10 children at one time.  For homes that lack extra hosting space and parents that lack the time and energy to prepare for parties, a backyard playground serves as a quick-fix.  Simply fold open a table or two beside the playground, hang a few decorations, and your backyard is party-ready for the kids.

Select a color palette that best suits your landscape and play space.  Coordinate plates, spoons, forks, and glasses Pick three kid-friendly entrees and one dessert.  If the party intends to run late, don’t forget to put a few festive lights out in the yard as well.  If you do have the luxury of time, throw in paper lanterns or a few buntings.

The Choice is Up to You... and Your Kids

Choosing the best play space must reflect your kids’ needs and wants. If you’re strapped for time, a readily-available plastic play area would fit your immediate needs best.  If you’re willing to wait for personalized play pieces and are willing to shell out more money, then go for a wooden one.

More than a Play Space

We’ve received loads of positive feedback about wooden play structures.  Parents say their wood playsets have been enjoyed by their kids from the time as tiny tots up until the days of slumber parties and soirees. Older kids frequently return to their childhood play spaces as a source of inspiration or peace of mind. Poetry, photography, engineering, space voyages and other crafts have been birthed in backyards.

If you want to learn more about backyard wooden playsets, get in touch with us via live chat.

Edited by: Ben Thompson