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Wooden Playgrounds: Built for a Backyard Adventure

Playgrounds for backyards are most commonly constructed of wooden materials including pine, and redwood. The wood construction provides a stable support that easily assembles for most buyers. Parents like wooden playgrounds as they better blend into landscaping than plastic or steel. Wood is a renewable resource that is readily available for use on playgrounds. The selection is vast and delivery is quick.

Renewable & Recyclable: As wood is a renewable resource, it has a tendency to break down over time unless steps are taken to protect the finish. Wooden playgrounds are most susceptible to rot than any other type of material used on playgrounds. Assuming the wood is treated properly and in placed in an area with good drainage, rot should not be a problem. Rot most often occurs on wooden playgrounds set in marshy grounds or in continuous contact with water.

Priced For Play: The cost of a wooden playground is minimal in comparison to a steel post structure. However, some parents still desire the commercial quality of steel and opt for a steel swing frame over wooden. The majority of wood playground equipment is more affordable than steel and provides the quality and durability to provide play for your children.

Continue to Upgrade: offers a variety of wooden playground equipment for use in backyard settings. Most of the playgrounds are pre-designed and cannot be modified. Add on components, swings, and slides are available to upgrade, modify, and renew your current wooden equipment. Upgrade your backyard playset over time and your children will continue to have a strong desire to play and interact with their friends at home.