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Benefits of Metal and Steel Products on Outdoor Playgrounds

Of the various types of material used in the construction of playground equipment, metal is very popular for construction of commercial playgrounds. Metal provides a long lasting support for posts, decks, and components. Metal playground equipment is non-splintering and offers the ability to be painted in a wide spectrum of colors.

Plastic Versus Metal: Some metal playground equipment, such as slides, are often seen as unsafe, although such a view is not correct. In direct sun, metal and plastic get hot. Studies have shown that the surfaces are equally likely to become hot. Darker plastics tend to absorb more heat, thus becoming warmer than lighter colored plastics. Metal slides provide a long lasting, practically vandal proof alternative to plastic, however the cost of metal slides is great. Slides in the northern hemisphere should be installed with the slide bed facing to the north to prevent overheating.

Metal Parts: Components such as climbers also fall under the category of metal playground equipment. Metal climbers come in various shapes and sizes. The classic geo-dome climbers are constructed of galvanized steel parts. Many climbers are of steel construction and are available painted to color specifications. Other steel components on a playground include platforms used for standing. These platforms are often perforated and coated in a textured polyethylene for slip resistance.

Cost & Benefits: Unlike some playgrounds of the past, modern metal playground equipment provides a safe and durable option for play. As steel prices increase annually, alternatives may be engineered in the future to reduce the cost of a commercial playground. Currently, there are no affordable alternatives to metal that provide the same support and durability. Contact to learn more about any of our metal playgrounds.