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How to Build Budget Backyard Playground for Kids

A backyard is perhaps the most accessible and effortless solution to some of the problems faced by American kids and their parents. Richard Louv, the man behind the book, “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit-Disorder”  posted a challenge to parents as he observed, “Last time I checked, it was pretty tough to have a sense of wonder when you’re playing ‘Grand Theft Auto. If I were raising a generation of children under protective house arrest, where does that lead us in terms of our connection to the natural world?” This undeniable truth is even strengthened by the findings regarding decline of kids’ outdoor activities from 1997 to 2003, which alarmingly decrease by 50% according to sociologist, Sandra Hofferth from the University of Maryland.

Parents who aspire for practical and sustainable child development must tap the potency that can be found in easy-to-build backyard playgrounds. Instilling free play with and in nature without having to worry about the risk of getting injuries and facing other safety issues, residential playgrounds may pave the way to equipping kids with learning as they get fit physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, as well. Since budget is always a primary concern, we at Playground Equipment put together a number of play set options alongside playtime parenting tips that could help you build a backyard playset that will work best for any space and kids of all ages and all abilities.

Scale Your Space and Cost Together

The best way to start a backyard playground project is to consider the allowable space that will let your kids enjoy safe and fun playtime. Most parents fall into the trap of mindlessly purchasing impulse buys on play sets that eventually turn a backyard into a kiddie junkyard.

Consider the size of your space and match it against the budget you have on hand. Classify each item on your list as a priority or an add-on. Decide on a specific playground equipment that would be the highlight of your child’s play area. This way, you lessen the likelihood of going over your estimated budget and your available space.

Plan a Lovely Backyard Look Around Your Current Landscape
Since most backyard playgrounds come after an existing landscape, tie the color scheme and even the theme of your play area with your home’s exterior. The last thing you want is to discover that your playground makes your landscape look shabby or out of place.

Is your landscape contemporary or is it leaning on the traditional? Will a red and blue work with your already lawn teeming with colorful flowers and fruits? Now’s your time to let your creative spark, take a real spin as putting a residential playground in place is a long-term accent in your home.

Fuse Funky and Functional Free Play
Try imagining this backyard playground project as an investment that will eventually translate to a kid-friendly space where you can hold your child’s birthday, a friend’s baby shower, or a mini reunion with your family and even your co-workers.

Since children are highly visual, it is a must that your playground emanates an inviting aura that will cut through your children’s affinity to their screens, highly competitive sports and trainings, and other activities that are already ingrained in their schedule. Free play is also a precious time to let your kids’ imagination soar high as their critical thinking makes it way beyond the sky.

Envision a Mini Community Playground For Kids of All Ages and Abilities
A backyard playground can be dubbed as a mini community hub for kids in the neighborhood to gather as they foster a personal connection with each other. A playground is a space where kids of all ages get to mingle, as such, parents could effortlessly fuse manner checks on their children as they indulge in play.

To ensure that toddlers have the same fun as older children, think of ways to give a playspace that is flexible enough for each age group. Ask yourself how your playground would satisfy the much-needed outdoor playtime of the prevalent age groups in your neighborhood.

More importantly, addressing a better way to foster a better environment for children with abilities must start with a community that prioritizes inclusion which may be integrated with residential playground. These inclusive accessible playgrounds after all, a study dating back to 2010 revealed that there are about 2.8 million school-aged children who differently abled. Whether you are parent of a child with special needs or an advocate of this worthwhile cause, stretching your backyard playground’s function and form is a good way to empower kids with disabilities in a fun light.

Build Backyard Play Set With Your Kids

Now that you pretty much have an idea as to what customized playground requirements you have, now’s the time to up the ante of the personal touch that your children can help you with. Remember, childhood dreams usually give kids a better grasp of who they want to be when they grow up. So as parents, you must show them support in every way possible.

Are your kids marveling at the ideas of exploring the world while they steer the ship’s wheel? Or do they find sheer joy of an undersea themed play using their trusty periscope? Perhaps, some of them may secretly wish they’d spend their nights under the sky as they discover a new planet with the help of their sturdy science project buddy called telescope?

Mind Your Playground Equipment Materials and Surfaces

Since the material of playground sets are also determined by the materials used, it is favorable to match the pros and cons of playground equipment available for both your space and your budget. Plastic playground equipment are your safest bet when you are worried about the chances of surfaces that become too hot on summers. If you are considering wood, check that they don’t splinter easily and are treated with child-friendly, non-toxic substances. Wooden playground equipment usually last for about 15-20 years. Metal play equipment are the most cost-efficient and affordable type of play sets, but are more prone to wear and tear that comes naturally to kids who want to have the best time. So when scouting for metal play equipment, check if they come with favorable warranty against rust. The Playground Equipment team has a roster of options that would make your project easier to manage and to envision.

After you have selected the material you and your kids want, it’s time to put shockproof surfaces in place. While residential playgrounds are not too big on having to deal with erosion, safety play area mats to lessen the likelihood of incurring injuries or bruises.

Climb and Slide For Fit and Fun

The sedentary lifestyle that is perceived by parents as a safer yet enjoyable playtime for their children has resulted to yet problem. Obesity among children with the age range of 2 to 19 is now slated at one-third. Through climbing a wall or racing down the slide, kids gets fit without having to police them or force them.

Incorporating fitness playground equipment in your own backyard could also encourage you to aspire for a healthier, more active lifestyle, too. How about doing yoga before dropping your kids to school? Better yet arrange a mini marathon that kids and their parents could train for, and still highly enjoy?

Swing and Swirl, Too!
playground swings
Are you in for a nostalgic and blissful swing and swirl ride?

A ride on the swing is perhaps one playground experience that every children and even parents look forward to. The idea of feeling the wind on your face as the sun warms you and tickles your fancy is just pure bliss that your child could not afford to miss.

When going for a free-standing tire swing that you want to build on your own, get your truss bracket supply. These are essential in assembling a swing that won’t budge as they help reduce the side-to-side swaying of the swing. On top of swinging merrily, the tire swing has a swirl feature. A tire swing is best for traditional backyards or homes that are nostalgic and dreamy; in the same manner that they can fit perfectly in modern houses.

For those who have less space, a swing with a coated chain swing is more fitting and budget-friendly, too. Since these swings come in different colors, you can easily mix it with your backyard’s current color scheme and theme.

Ensure That Sun Time Is Always Safe Time

Prepping your backyard playground for sudden light rains and scorching sunny days could be addressed by installing ribbed or vinyl residential playground roofs. Aside from lending a tasteful and cozy appeal, your kids can seek shade whenever they feel the need to do so. Remember, you want to expose your kids to a healthy dose of fun in the sun, without having to worry about the possibility of getting sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.

Learn Math and Social Skills in 3, 2, 1
playground tic tac toe

Photo by Lucrezia Linardi via Flickr

On top of stretching the limits of your kid’s creativity, backyard play areas could also be an extension of the classroom. Utilizing fun games that improve spatial skills like tic-tac-toe panels, kids from 2 to 12 get a hefty dose of fun while flexing their mental muscles too. As they outwit their playmates, children get to sharpen their social skills through negotiating and developing their both their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Weigh DIY VS. Play Sets With Installers
For those who are into the idea of taking matters in their own hands, a DIY playground could cut your backyard play set budget even more. You can even gather other DIY parents in your community to make your playground unfold within the weekend, depending on the complexity, of course.

Then again, some parents are either too busy or simply lack the DIY gene. In order to save time and the hassle of accidentally drilling a wood erroneously, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, complete residential playsets that need professional installers are guaranteed to last up to 10 years.

The bottomline of deciding to go DIY or go for trusted playground installers lies on your capacity and capability to deliver the best, and nothing less to your kids, and perhaps, their kids, too.

Check Your Backyard Landscape Plants
For homes with backyards that allow an adventure-packed kiddie zipline that could go up to 35 feet, it is best to check whether you have a poisonous plant that may put your curious kids at risk. Watch out for delphinium, holly and mistletoe berries, and foxglove. Also, pretty and unassuming chrysanthemum has leaves and stalks that could cause rashes when it gets contact with your child’s skin. Similarly, flowering plants like roses and bougainvillea have thorns that may spell disaster for your kids who are off to explore the outdoors.

Triple Check Playground Equipment Safety
Remember that fun play must always be safe play. By safe, we mean, playground equipment that allow kids to gradually scale new challenges that will give them more than leisure time. Ziplines for instance have weight capacities. Check that all your play components cater to the kids in your home and in your community. Checking things twice is good, but triple checking that all safety procedures are in place, is way better.

Give Your Kids Their Own Space and Responsibilities, Too
With great fun comes a great responsibilities. As you involve your children in this big backyard project, remind them that they are accountable to their space. A good parenting tip to hit the nail on the head is to set simple playground rules such as keeping the play area clean and free from clutter; or looking after their younger siblings. Instilling discipline and values to young and older children is never too early, so take every chance you can to impart these to them.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Check

To keep your backyard playground in its best shape, be sure to keep an ample supply of components that you would need for quick fix and replacements. Bolts, nuts and hooks must always be within your reach so as not to stall kids who want to have fun whenever they wish to.

Of course, part of backyard playground equipment maintenance lies with worry-free warranty from worthy Playground Equipment provider, that will assure you that the time, effort and budget you’ve put together will be maximized by your children as they learn life’s best lessons, one play at a time. Get in touch with Playground Equipment team today.