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Choose Slide Equipment by Shape and Material

Play is simple, and although playgrounds are meant to be fun, the engineering and creativity involved in the design of new products is complex. Safety has become an overwhelming factor in building and planning new components. Playground safety is generally defined by ASTM standards. These standards cover all safety issues, from the allowable opening between elevated decks to the angle of the descent of a slide.

Slide Materials: The playground slide is a popular event for children of all ages in every country of the world. A slide component can be made of plastic, steel, or fiberglass. Slides often include support posts near the exit for anchoring the slide to the ground. In commercial settings, this anchoring prevents vandalism. Many residential slides do not include such support, as the same anchoring techniques are not required.

Shape of Slide: When choosing a playground equipment slide, take into account the ages of the children and the pleasure they will experience. A spiral slide can be enclosed in a tube or open. Sectional playground slides allow for creative curves. The sectional slide is made of several sections rather than being a single continuous piece. Many smaller slides for playgrounds are single piece molds that can be straight, curved, or wavy.

Safety Rules All: As one of the most recognized components of play, playground equipment slides offer fun and excitement. Slide standards will continually change in an effort to become safer and more durable. Find commercial and residential slide components for sale at, the world's foremost expert on slide equipment.