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Common Mistakes & Tips for a Safe Backyard Playground

A backyard is now for more than just landscapes. Playground equipment adds to aesthetics of a yard when proper planning and design is involved.

Sizing Up Your Yard: When choosing a backyard playground most parents start with a budget. However, one of the most important variables often overlooked is available space. Space must be accounted for. As the saying goes, you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole.

Select Activities: Several models of backyard playsets are available to select from. Once you know the space you are working with, a decision based on activity level can be made. Backyard sets with multiple slides, roofs, swings, and other events offer specific activity for your child or children.

Remember Surfacing: Preventing falls is difficult. Reducing injuries in a backyard is assisted with the use of protective surfacing. Rubber mulch is a popular and expensive choice when compared to engineered wood fiber. Utilizing local companies for safety surfacing is generally the most affordable means given the limited amount of surface required for backyards. Engineered wood fiber is the most popular and cost effective safety surface for playground equipment.

Aesthetic Borders: Lastly, the use of rubber curbs instead of plastic timbers is one of the first choices for most homeowners. Rubber curbs offer an appealing look at an affordable price. For most backyards, a rubber curb does not have a commercial look.

Home Use Only: Our wood post playsets are specifically designed for backyard use. Backyard playground equipment is not meant for public use, thus we can only ship backyard playsets to homes. Find affordable backyard playground equipment at Our trained sales staff will assist with the proper borders and safety surface for one to create an appealing and fun play environment.