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Design & Safety Residential Play Equipment

For those considering playground equipment, two common terms in the playground industry are commercial and residential. Residential grade playground equipment is built exclusively for private use in backyards. Residential playground equipment is not built for public use. Different safety standards, mounting requirements, and age restrictions apply to the differing grades of materials.

Available Activities: Much like commercial playgrounds, a home playground is intended for use by children under the supervision of adults. Many of the same activities can be found on a residential playground as found in a public park. These activities include slides, swings, and climbers. One of the main determining factors that designates grade of a playground is design and raw materials used in construction.

Design Characteristics: Many residential play systems allow a swing to be directly attached. Such attachment is highly restricted and considered unsafe in a public setting. Why? The safety code assumes parents will have more supervision of their children in a backyard setting, thus some safety restrictions are relaxed. Alternatively, commercial playgrounds must accommodate for every type of accident and misuse.

Standards for Safety: Most residential playground equipment is built to high standards that include those set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). All equipment at marked for residential use is considered safe for a backyard. These events will provide fun for your children during their younger years. Choose wisely and your home playground will become a favorite of your children and their friends.