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How Much 20 Major Toy Brands Made in 2020

Change, fear, and stress were common in 2020, and with schedules and routines thrown into chaos and families sheltering at home, it is no wonder that many children turned to play for comfort and entertainment. After all, play is a wonderful antidote for stress and anxiety, and many experts herald its importance during such tumultuous times. Of course, with so many people working and playing from home, toy companies are enjoying big profits. The team at Playground Equipment researched which toy companies made the most during 2020:

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How Much 20 Major Toy Brands Made in 2020 - - Infographic

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What Toy Company Makes the Most Money?

Here are the top 10 toy companies and brands that made the most profit in 2020:

  1. MGA Entertainment Inc.: $9.15 billion
  2. Lego: $6.99 billion
  3. Bandai Namco: $6.8 billion
  4. Hasbro: $5.47 billion
  5. Mattel: $4.6 billion
  6. Monopoly: $1.76 billion 
  7. Tomy Company: $1.43 billion
  8. Barbie (Mattel): $1.35 billion
  9. Mega Brands (Mattel): $1.08 billion
  10. Fisher-Price (Mattel): $1.07 billion 

What is the most profitable toy company overall? Lego is often celebrated as the most successful toy brand, and its products have been named “Toy of the Century” twice! 

What Is the History of Legos?

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in a Danish carpentry workshop. He started out crafting wooden furniture and houses but had to pivot during the Great Depression and make smaller products instead. Kristiansen began making miniature versions of his products (stepladders, ironing boards, etc.) as design aids, which inspired him to venture into toy production. In 1934, he held a contest to name his company among his staff, offering a bottle of handmade wine as a prize. He was considering two names himself, including “Legio” (to represent a “legion of toys”) and “Lego,” which was an invented contraction of the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well.” It can also be loosely interpreted as “I put together” in Latin, so it became the perfect name for the company. 

What Toy Company Makes Barbie?

As a child, did the question ever dawn on you, “What company owns Barbie?” Probably not, but as adults, it is fascinating to discover the history behind our favorite childhood toys. Barbie is owned by Mattel, which was founded by Harold “Matt” Matson, Ruth Handler, and Elliot Handler in a garage in January 1945. What is the history of Mattel? The company began selling picture frames before expanding into dollhouse furniture made from the scraps of those frames. In 1946, Handler’s wife Ruth took over the company. By 1947, Mattel had its first hit toy, a ukulele called the Uke-A-Doodle. 

Barbie did not enter the scene until March 9, 1959. Ruth Handler was inspired by watching her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls, giving them adult roles and personalities. At the time, the majority of children’s dolls were representations of infants, so Handler saw a possible opening in the market. Her husband and Mattel’s directors were not enthused by the idea at the time. On a trip to Europe, Handler discovered a German toy doll called Bild Lilli that depicted a “working girl” from a comic strip who was described as sassy, ambitious, and “a gold-digger, exhibitionist, and floozy.” Handler took the doll back to the United States and redesigned it into Barbie, named after her daughter. 

In 1961, Louis Marx and Company, the creators of Bild Lilli, sued Mattel for trying to pass Barbie off as their original idea. Mattel ended up purchasing the creator’s copyright and patent rights for $21,600.

To improve accessibility, we have included the text of the infographic here: 

Company/Brand 2020 Net Revenue
MGA Entertainment Inc. $9.15 billion
Bandai Namco $6.8 billion
LEGO $6.99 billion
Hasbro $5.47 billion
Mattel $4.6 billion
Monopoly (Hasbro) $1.76 billion
Tomy Company $1.43 billion
Barbie (Mattel) $1.35 billion
Mega Brands (Mattel) $1.08 billion
Fisher-Price (Mattel) $1.07 billion
Playmobil $857.9 million
Funko $653 million
Magic: The Gathering (Hasbro) $581.2 million
JAKKS Pacific $515.87 million
Zuru $500 million
Spin Master $490.6 million
Hot Wheels (Hasbro) $446.6 million
Nerf (Hasbro) $400 million
Melissa & Doug $350 million
American Girl (Mattel) $51.4 million


This infographic is brought to you by Playground Equipment commercial playgrounds and swing sets.