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The cost of a commercial playground slide can vary greatly. You can typically find them priced anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000 but the average cost is around $3,000-5,000. Commercial-grade playground equipment does not refer to the standard backyard playset, but rather the heavy-duty pieces found in public parks or schools. Most of these slides will be made from high-quality molded plastic with steel posts and steps, built to withstand years of daily use and harsh weather.


Slides can be found in a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes. It would be difficult to come across two slides that looked alike! Because of their customizable nature and variety, it can be helpful to know some of the terms used to describe playground slides.


Common Terms for Slides


Freestanding Slides - Freestanding refers to the fact that the slide can stand alone; it does not have to be attached to a play structure. They can be a variety of sizes (3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, etc.) and they can be curved, straight or wavy.


Tube Slides - These slides have enclosed chutes that may or may not have transparent sections. They can be straight or spiral, as well as freestanding or mounted.


Spiral Slides - Spiral means exactly what you would expect, the chute winds in a spiral pattern from the entrance to the exit. They can be tube slides or traditional open slides, freestanding or mounted and anywhere from 8-16 feet.


Embankment Slides - Embankment slides are ideal for honoring the natural landscape of a play area. They are designed to be installed directly into the slope of a hill. You will find these in single or double versions as a freestanding option. 


Straight Slide - Straight slides are pretty straightforward, no pun intended. They have no curving or spiraling from top to bottom and can be open or enclosed. You will find these as freestanding options or mounted to play systems.


Wavy Slide - Wavy refers to the humps along the slide. The shallow dips offer a little extra thrill to the ride. They will be found as straight slides and in a variety of heights.


The price of slides increases as the desired height increases. Additionally, tube slides are typically more expensive than open slides of a similar height because they utilize more materials to enclose the chute. Spiral slides often cost more than straight ones at the same height for similar reasons. There is a slide for every project and every budget. A dealer or manufacturer will be able to match you up with your dream slide or have a custom playground slide made just for you. Whether you are planning a playground from scratch, or refreshing an existing one, commercial playground slides are sure to make any play space a destination for children of all ages.