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Inclusive Playground Games and Activities for Children with Disabilities

Various games have been specifically designed or adapted for children with disabilities, providing them with an opportunity to play, learn, and socialize with their peers. Some games are adapted to meet the needs of children with physical disabilities, with larger buttons, accessible controls, and switch adaptations for those who can't use a traditional controller. Other games have been designed for children with cognitive or sensory disabilities, featuring simplified gameplay, visual aids, and audio cues to support their understanding and enjoyment of the game.

Cooperative Games for Children with Special Needs

Cooperative games promote teamwork, collaboration, and inclusiveness, focusing on having fun and achieving a shared goal.

Adapted Games for Children with Disabilities

Adapting and developing games for children with disabilities is crucial for their growth and stimulation. Adaption not only involves designing the games and toys to meet the needs of children with disabilities but also making them universally accessible so that children with and without disabilities can play together.

12 Popular Games Adapted for Children with Autism

It's essential to apply some general guidelines for adapting games for children with autism. This includes preparing the child beforehand by clearly understanding the game and allowing them to express any anxieties or ask questions.

Ball Games for Disabled Children

Ball games for disabled children have multiple benefits, such as improving strength, agility, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. A study by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation showed that ball activities like throwing, catching, passing, and rolling improve muscle response time in disabled children.

Outdoor Activities for Children with Special Needs

Swings bring joy and relaxation to any child. Companies offer adaptive swings for children with special needs, and local parks may also have them available. Information is available to make local parks more accessible to children with disabilities.

5 Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs

Sidewalk chalk is a simple thing that can help young children, especially ones with physical challenges, have fun on the playground!

Inclusive School Physical Education and Physical Activity

The CDC recommends that all children get at least sixty minutes of physical activity daily, no matter their physical limitations.

Adaptive Sports Medicine Program

Kids who get involved early in physical activity build better social skills and are more likely to stay physically active as they age.

Finding Balance: Obesity and Children with Special Needs (PDF)

Obesity is one health risk that many children with special needs face. Physical activity can help decrease kids' likelihood of developing weight issues at an early age.

In Search of Equivalent Social Participation: What Do Caregivers of Children with Disabilities Desire Regarding Inclusive Recreational Facilities and Playgrounds? (PDF)

491 caregivers were asked what they, their children with physical limitations, and the rest of their family need from an inclusive playground.

Evidence-Based Practices for the Design of Inclusive of Inclusive Playgrounds that Support Peer Interactions Among Children with All Abilities (PDF)

Play is a necessary component of life for all children, but not all playgrounds make play possible for all children.

Sports and Children with Special Needs

About 18 out of every 100 American children live with some physical limitations. Like most other kids, these kids still want to play with their friends and participate in sports.

10 Inclusive Playgrounds in Canada where Kids with Disabilities will Love to Play

Even people not planning on traveling to Canada can get inspired by these thoughtfully designed play spaces.

How to Improve Students With Disabilities' Sense of Belonging

Kids with disabilities often struggle to fit in. Communities, parents, and schools can address this by ensuring all kids can use the playground and participate in outdoor games, even if the games need to be adapted.

Best Adapted and Inclusive PE Games

Everything from warm-ups to games like Lifesize Shoots and Ladders can be adapted to fit the needs and abilities of various students.

Adapted Physical Education & Recess Activities and Games (PDF)

Changes as simple as using pictures to give kids choices for what activities to do instead of just words make outdoor time more inclusive.

Physical Activity for Students With Special Needs

All adaptations of physical activities are based on keeping all students safe, engaged, and having fun!

At Home Activities

These activities are great for parents to do with their kids at home.

Adaptation of Games and Activities for Students with Disabilities

Shrinking the size of the playing area makes some games and activities more accessible for many kids.

Adapted Physical Education Wheelchair Activities: 25 Fun and Engaging Movement Experiences for PE

Incorporating some adaptive equipment makes activities more fun and less frustrating for kids in wheelchairs or who use other mobility devices.

Adapting Activities & Materials for Young Children with Disabilities (PDF)

Children will need various adaptations and support to help them participate fully in physical activities.


Edited by: Ben Thompson