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Kids Resource Guide to Weather & Climate

Whether you're out on the school playground or playing in your own backyard, you are surrounded by weather every day. Some days are warm and sunny, while other days may be windy, cold, and rainy. Understanding weather and why different weather conditions happen is a science, and scientists study weather conditions to learn about climate. Even though you aren't a scientist, you can do many of the same things a scientist would do if you want to learn about the weather where you live. Play games, do experiments, and work on worksheets to learn about weather and climate.

Games and Simulations: Weather, Climate, Atmosphere

Play games online to learn about weather and climate. You can learn about hurricanes and climate systems.

Play Climate Games

NASA has climate games you can play, such as bingo, trivia, and a Wild Weather Adventures game.

Weather Games

Weather games can be fun and educational. Try word searches, mazes, and word jumbles to learn about climate.

What Is Climate?

You will learn all about climate by playing these games so you know the difference between weather and climate. Weather is the short-term conditions in the atmosphere, and climate is the long-term conditions.

Wildest Weather

These wild weather games will teach you all about weather and amazing forces of nature.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Everyone enjoys the sun, but make sure you take shelter on warm and bright days.

Weather Dog: Test Your Weather Knowledge

See how much you know about weather as you play this fun game.

Web Weather for Kids

Test how much you know about blizzards, thunderstorms, and tornadoes with these games. You can even test your weather forecasting skills.

Weather Science Content for Kids and Teens

Weather science is all about meteorology, jet streams, forecasting, air masses, and more.

Play Climate Games

Explore this website to learn about being an Earth scientist or about Earth's atmosphere.

What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

You may think weather and climate are the same thing, but this website will help you learn about the differences.

Games and Quizzes About the Environment

Test your knowledge on the environment by taking quizzes and playing fun games.

Weather Surprise

Sid the Science Kid's Weather Surprise is a fun way for you to learn about weather while you play.

Teaching Kinds of Weather (PDF)

Just like a meteorologist, you can report about different weather conditions when you know about rain, snow, wind, sun, and storms.

Snow Activities Let Children Explore the Wonders of Weather (PDF)

You can explore snow by going outdoors in the winter. You might make snow prints, paint snow, or examine snow crystals with a magnifying glass.

Too Much Weather (PDF)

Sometimes, weather can be a disaster, causing things like flooding or tearing down houses with high winds.

Tree House Weather Kids

At Tree House Weather Kids, you can learn about seasons, temperature, clouds, air pressure, wind, and more by playing games.

Investigation: Clouds

This easy lesson plan explores the different types of clouds and gives you a chance to make clouds out of cotton balls and glue.

Disaster Detector

Play Disaster Detector to learn how scientists predict and prepare for natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Weather Stations (PDF)

You can set up a weather station to collect weather data, which helps you learn about both climate and weather.

What Is Weather? (PDF)

This activity book helps you learn about what causes weather with fun activities and games.

Elementary Weather (PDF)

Anyone can observe weather by using their senses of hearing, sight, smell, and touch. You could keep a weather log of the conditions you observe with your senses.

Hurricane Tracker

Choose a year and choose a hurricane to learn all about the major hurricanes that have happened over the years.

Measuring the Storm

Learn how scientists determine how severe a hurricane will be and measure the wind speed, storm surge, and effects of the storm.

Hot and Cold Weather Matching Game (PDF)

Play this matching game by matching the clothes kids would wear for the different types of weather.

Ready, Set, Prepare! (PDF)

Preparing for a weather disaster helps you have the things you need if a storm such as a hurricane or a tornado happens.

The Forecast Calls for Play (PDF)

When you understand the different types of weather that happen in the different seasons, you'll be ready to enjoy the weather conditions outdoors while being safe.

Weather Activity Booklet (PDF)

This activity booklet helps you learn about weather vocabulary, weather safety, and predicting weather.

Tornado Safety

Tornadoes are columns of air that rotate very fast, and they often happen during thunderstorms.

What's in the Forecast? (PDF)

Even though you're not a scientist, you can learn about the weather, you can describe it, and you can keep track of the weather that happens where you live.

Air and Weather: Air Pressure (PDF)

These experiments and activities will help you learn how air is involved with the weather that happens.

Weather Worksheet (PDF)

This colorful worksheet challenges you to write the correct word under the weather pictures. You can also write about different weather conditions that happen during the seasons.

Weather Project (PDF)

Set up a weather station, recording the amount of rain that falls and the daily temperatures to learn about the climate where you live.

Written by: Ben Thompson