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Merry-Go-Rounds: Revolving into a Safer Ride

As one of the most popular products for elementary age children, the merry go round is still being manufactured for playground use. The merry go round meets national safety codes regulating playground safety. As playgrounds evolve to incorporate safety and resolve conflicts with past incidents of injuries, so has the merry go round. The merry go round is regulated to limit the rotations per minute of the unit to a specific rate.

Slow it Down: Allowable rotations are controlled through use of a governor. In modern merry go rounds, the governor is welded to the frame and controls the speed by applying pressure to the main support, thus slowing the allowable rate of rotations. This slight slowdown results in fewer incidents of injury and thus computes to a safer merry go round and safer play.

Classic Design: Merry go rounds are generally constructed of a platform with multiple handrails for grasping. The standing platform is constructed of flat or perforated steel. A central mounting post is anchored in concrete to stabilize the equipment. The mounting post of the merry go round generally includes a large ball bearing that allows the unit to turn. Most merry go rounds include a door on the post to add grease should more be required. An annual check is recommended to prevent use without adequate grease.

New Spinners: Additional playground spinning events are available that require a child to stand or sit. These events offer a similar motion to the merry go round. Be certain, all merry go rounds and spinning events at are built to the highest standards of quality and safety. If you need assistance understanding the merry go round or require further detail, contact live support through chat, email, or phone.