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Covered Sandboxes

Sandboxes are classic playground toys that children of all ages have grown to love for generations. A kids' sandbox with a cover provides an area for children to explore and use their imaginations to create something from nothing! Sand is a truly versatile medium that can be used to create the tallest of castles or the funniest of shapes. By including covered sandboxes in the layout of your commercial or residential playground, you’ll promote a positive social environment where children can socialize and make friends.

Innovative and Durable Designs offers some of the most innovative designs in covered sandboxes for sale. Our sandboxes are available in multiple sizes to accommodate several small children at once. The standard-model sandboxes are equipped with seating on each corner, maximizing play space. All sandboxes are made from high-quality, commercial-grade plastic material. This solid plastic is infused with UV stabilizers to protect children from harmful UV rays and prevent the material from cracking.

Heavy-Duty Covers for Protection

The covers provided with our sandboxes are crafted from heavy-duty vinyl material sewn to fit perfectly over the sandbox. These covers act as barriers against the elements, maintaining the sand's dryness and cleanliness when the sandbox is not in use. This helps reduce the need for frequent sand replacement, saving you time and money.

Developmental Benefits

Incorporating a covered sandbox into your play area promotes several developmental benefits for children. Sand play enhances coordination, strengthens muscles, hones fine motor skills, and encourages imaginative play. These activities help children develop social skills and create a space for calm, muscle-building play with friends.

Versatile Options for Every Need

Whether you are looking to include a sandbox on a school playground, in a local park, or even in your backyard, offers sandboxes in various sizes and exciting styles. From sand tables to spacious boxes for many children to play together, you can find any kind of kids' sandbox with a cover that you need.

If you are building or designing a commercial play space for children, look no further than to serve all of your equipment needs. Any child’s sandbox with a cover that you purchase from is sure to please, and each order is shipped with all necessary parts for proper installation. Call us today to speak with a qualified professional about your upcoming playground project, or simply buy online and have a children’s sandbox with a cover delivered directly to your location. Find the perfect sandbox for your playground and watch children's minds soar to new levels of creativity and imagination!