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Quad Sail Fabric Shade Request

Quad Sail Fabric Shade

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  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
  • Quad Sail Fabric Shade
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Product Specifications

Model Number:
Fabric Type:
Elbow-Only Retractable
UV Blocking:

Protect from harmful UV rays

Select designs offer up to 100% UV Blocking

Product Description

This Quad Sail Fabric Shade will really make you feel like spending a day next to the water. This shade connects four triangle-shaped fabric pieces to create a stunning visual, geometric effect. The contemporary design is sure to add some extra flare to any space, but the design isn’t just about style. The slits between the shades add extra comfortable for guests because they allow the wind to easily flow through the structure, helping guests to cool off while still blocking the sun’s harsh rays. Available in three sizes—10-feet x 10-feet, 20-feet x 20-feet and 30-feet x 30-feet—the Quad Sail Fabric Shade can fit on almost any pool deck, no matter how large or small. The wide variety of color and powder coat options means it can also fit the style of its location. It works especially well at public or neighborhood pools, lodges, and resorts. The in-ground mount helps it hold up against high-speed winds.

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