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Single Station Country Skier $1,584.00

Single Station Country Skier
  • Single Station Country Skier
NOTE: Selecting “Blue” painted mulch changes quantity needed
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Product Specifications

Model Number:
Age Range:
13 years +
Muscle Group:
Product Type:
Fitness Single
Unit Size:
3'1" x 1'10"

For Teens & Adults

Promotes Wellness Fights Obesity Color Tool

Product Description

Ski into fitness, cross-country style, and transform your body through steady, low-impact exercise with the with the Single Station Skier. This clever piece of equipment delivers the burn and strengthens muscles without the need to book a vacation at a ski lodge! Plus, it empowers you to exercise out in the fresh air, making it a boon for nature enthusiasts who'd rather avoid the gym and take in the scenery instead. Truly, skiing is a fantastic and fun way to lose weight, and this is the perfect device for those who want the high-activity benefits without the safety risks. The machine flows with your body to replicate the feel of skiing, targeting big and small muscle groups for a full body workout. You'll tone shoulder and leg muscles while activating your core for better posture and balance. This is the perfect tool for outdoor gyms and conditioning centers, and the durable design will hold up to the elements. Pair it with other machines to vary your workout and deliver speedy results. You'll love experiencing all the fun of skiing without the expensive gear or snowy wipeouts.

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The base seems small. Does it need to be bolted to the ground?
  • Thank you for asking about our Single Station Country Skier. These are typically in-ground mounted and come with equipment to mount them properly.
    The Answer from Ben Thompson - March 11, 2021