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Tree House Gear Panel Request

Tree House Gear Panel
  • Tree House Gear Panel
  • Tree House Gear Panel
NOTE: Selecting “Blue” painted mulch changes quantity needed
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Product Specifications

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Component Only

Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

This mechanical piece can be fit into almost any storyline: a lift in a jungle tree house, a machine in a laboratory, or a secret door in a castle. The Tree House Gear Panel can aid those magical stories that children author. The gears are set between two sheets of clear polyurethane with a perfectly sized knob for turning. Children will be enraptured by the slowly turning pieces as they gently rotate the central knob. If they choose to spin them wildly, the fuzzy blurs of colors that they create will dazzle them. Whether they realize it or not, children will be introduced to the ideas of simple machinery by the simple action of turning a crank. The Tree House Gear Panel’s central element can be encased in any of our plastic colors completing your Tree House Series vision.

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