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The main components of a swing set include parts like bolts and chains, swing hangers, swing connectors, and the iconic swing seat. Swings are some of the most popular pieces of equipment on a playground, and are sure to be hotspots at any park, school, or other outdoor space. It’s important to know each part of a swing set and have an idea of how they contribute to the structure’s functionality, both of which are especially important in maintaining your swings and making sure they’re safe for children to use.


List of Swing Set Components



The bolts for a swing set is one of the most important pieces for keeping it all together. To prevent structural issues on a swing set, check for rust on the bolts; this way, you help keep the structure stable and safe for use.


Swing Chains

Choosing the right pair or chains is an essential part of putting together a swing set. To prevent rust and wear and tear, consider using chains with PVC coating, which  are designed to withstand the elements.

Swing Hangers

The swing hangers are the connection between the beam of the swing set, and is considered the foundation of putting and keeping the swing set together.

Swing Connectors

Just as essential and crucial to the swing set as the swing hangers, the connectors are responsible for putting and bringing together the swing seat with the rest of the structure. Whether you use a bucket or belt seat for your swing set, the swing connectors will be there to keep everything in place.

Swing Seats

Choosing your swing seat is just as important as the placement of your playground and swing set. There are a variety of different seats to choose from, like the belt seat, bucket seat, and a tire swing, just to name a few.

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