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The primary reason that swing sets are so expensive is that the materials they’re made of, such as powder-coated steel, are expensive to procure. What’s more, the manufacturing process for swing sets is costly and time-consuming. When purchasing a commercial swing set, it’s important to remember that they’re built to last for years, and often come with warranties designed to ensure their longevity in the event of a malfunction. That said, there are other contributing factors to the overall cost of swing sets.

Research and Development

Because consumer safety organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and IPEMA lay out specific safety standards for playground equipment designed for public use, playground manufacturers spend a great deal of time and resources iterating over different designs so they can ultimately come up with a safe final product. When it comes to swing sets, several factors must be considered, including distance between swing seats, maximum fall height, and other critical design choices. Designing a swing set that adheres to a wide array of safety standards is painstaking work, but it ensures that commercial swing sets are safe for use by the general public.


Perhaps just as important as the safety of swing sets themselves is the rigor and quality of the installation process. Particularly for potentially higher-risk amenities such as swing sets, hiring qualified, experienced contractors to install equipment is a crucial aspect of constructing one’s playground. These professionals are well-versed in the safety standards mentioned earlier, and will spare no expense to ensure that your playground is as safe as it is fun. Although one’s initial temptation may be to save money by installing one’s newly-purchased swing set without the help of trained professionals, doing so increases the risk of malfunctioning equipment, which could lead to injury for children who use it. 

Maintenance and Warranties

Like many things in life, a swing set will need a bit of TLC from time to time. This could include replacing swing chains, repainting weathered or rusted rails, and replacing swing seats. However, one need not necessarily pay to fix these imperfections. Included in the cost of most swing sets is a warranty that will cover repair and/or replacement for things like faulty steel rails and rusted metal. Before purchasing a swing set, be sure to take a close look at the product warranty to see what’s covered and for how long after purchase. 

Edited by: Ben Thompson