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Accessible Playgrounds that Empower Children with Special Needs

ADA Fun Hoop
More than shooting some hoops, shoot some stories with a new friend or a trusted buddy.

Playgrounds are meant to be enjoyed by every kid in town. These playgrounds are one of the first social spaces where they learn the little yet profound realities of life. The time spent in crossing monkey bars or simply giggling over a round of rides on a swing or the very first unaided slide thrill rings a certain nostalgia, and a sense of immense achievement in each of us.

Then again, as times change, the United States is faced with yet another challenge in the form of the increasing cases of children with special needs. Studies revealed that 1 out 6 kids are now faced with a winning war against disability which is usually manifested through a form of hampered educational progress. As playtime is an integral part of a child’s learning curve, equipment for play is now being utilized as empowerment spaces for these handicapped kids. Today, every playtime is a precious time for parents, teachers, and even abled kids to reach out and take part in making children with special needs bring out their independence, self-worth, and distinctive productivity to work, and play. Accessible playgrounds for handicapped kids are no longer viewed as luxuries, but as necessities that pave the way to their better and well-equipped future.

The Order of Disorder, A Closer Look
The vastness of disabilities and disorders among school-aged kids are not only confined to the realms of the neither infamous ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) nor within the bounds learning and developmental lapses. More alarmingly, disorders are stemming from the lack of skills in communicating, and troubles in dealing with the most dreaded anxiety episodes.
Communication seems to be the root of the conflicts faced by children with special needs. With the aid of quality playtime, interaction is encouraged without appearing intrusive to them. Connection is made possible through a round of shooting some fun-filled yet very manageable hoops. It is said that sports is not only recreational; more importantly, it is a venue for boosting self-confidence and setting the fundamentals of teamwork in one go. Children with disability are no longer confined to the shackles that seemingly bind them eternally. Instead, play sets are now modified to accommodate them along with the public’s acceptance of their needs and wants, too. With every chance to sharpen their saw to communicate is a step closer to understanding them better, and making them understand things better, too.
Inclusion: Innovation or Invasion? 
Since there are undeniable problems that are largely attributed to the lack of government funds, the idea of inclusion or permitting children with disability to mingle with abled kids seem to be a promise and a peril, too. The atrocities of bullying that greatly  impair even the most empowered students in school nowadays, are detriments to empowering handicapped kids. The likelihood of invading the commonly unshaken and volatile spheres of kids with disabilities is always a concern.
The challenge of inclusion lies on the critical and creative  minds and skills of teachers  as they marry the idea of being handicapped as a  part of  everyday life. This may be ambitious  but  it can be downed and done. A teacher may turn to  a level playing field , an accessible neighborhood playground that showcases modified equipment like the speedy racer spring rider which ensures that your kid won’t fall off as he or she rock back and forth while basking in the sun or enjoying a breezy afternoon. 
Innovations in playgrounds are driven by the notion of inclusion. Gone are the days when kids  planted on wheelchairs are left at a  distance or under the shade of the tree.  With the commitment of passionate designers and builders, all kids can have a unlimited  fun time,  anytime. 
Look mom! I can rock without the worry that I might roll!
Kids, Raise Your Right to Play All Day! 
According to civil lawyer Eve Hill, more than a space for  enjoyment, playgrounds   allow kids to craft interactions. She reaffirms that recreation is a basic civil right and that it must be accessed by all, at all costs, at all times. 
Interactions may be a commotion, a series of questions, or a round of reactions among kids.  Children with special needs are actually validated by the interactions that they successfully take part of.  For residential playground owners who want to join the boat in empowering kids with disabilities, putting up affordable accessible ramps would give them the pathway to play easier. The kids no longer need to rely on their parents or teachers to assist them. Another way to  welcome handicapped kids to play is to set up an accessible playground sign that  will surely make them feel more secure and safe. 
The right to have fun must be taken by adults and  institutions devoted to educating children with special needs seriously. More than  downtime, playtime is an exercise  of a privilege and right. 
Every child has the right of way, and the right to play.

The Creative Key:  Subtle yet Superb Safety
In the recent years, new laws have been put in place under the aid of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA came up with a guideline that specifically addresses the upgrade of public playgrounds that must showcase equipment that are built around both abled and disabled kids. The aim of this act is to grant all kids the access to facilities that foster creativity while sharpening the physical, mental, and emotional spheres of children  especially on their formative years.
Accessible playground equipment take away the worries that are burdening parents and teachers who exert  great effort  in  ensuring that their kids are having  fun without the chances of incurring injuries should they miscalculate a step  or  give in to their  mood swings.  More  importantly, accessible playgrounds give the simplest yet most profound message that kids of all ages, and abilities can share the same space at any given time, if and only if , we adults take the time to make these possibilities happen. 
Perhaps, now’s the best time to make that upgrade in your play space as you and your children set the new play pace! For a more comprehensive line up of access to accessible playgrounds, visit today.