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Music is a fun part of the world around us! There are so many different types of music and instruments and you've probably heard a few different kinds of music at home, at school, and in the car. If you've ever been inspired by what you've heard, these are the games for you!

Some of the music you've heard probably seems like it takes years and years of practice to get to that level, and it does, but that doesn't mean you can't start to learn about the basics right from your computer! There are plenty of learning games, activities, and crafts that are specifically about music, here are a few fun ones.

Just remember to get parental permission before you play!

PBS Kids Music Games

PBS Kids has a bunch of educational and musical games featuring some familiar characters.

Art and Music Games for Kids

Art and music often go hand in hand so this page includes a variety of different games for anybody with an interest in learning more about colors, artists, and musicians.

Music for Kids: Music Games and Activities

This is aimed more towards early childhood and getting young children interested in music, but there are plenty of activities that anybody of any age would have fun with!

Teaching Ideas: Musical Elements

There are a variety of music games focusing on learning about topics like rhythm and patterns.

SFS Kids: Fun and Games with Music

The San Francisco Symphony orchestra has a fun game where you can play while learning about different types of music and different composers throughout History.

Classics For Kids - Games

Not only are there fun ways to learn about notes and terms, but this page also gives you the chance to compose your own music and learn about what goes into writing your own music!

Music K-8 Kids

Between games, videos and coloring pages, there are plenty of fun ways to learn about music here.

CBC Kids - Music Games

Work on your rhythm skills with the drumming games and activities!

Sesame Street - Monster Music

Play along with your friends from Sesame Street as you play with different instruments!

Music Activities

Games and equipment that make learning about music fun and easy.

Sphinx Kids

These music games are focused on composers and learning about what different types of instruments are like. There are plenty of videos and other activities that are fun and educational all at once.

Go Classical for Kids

This is a collection of music learning games and activities that are centered around classical and chamber music.

The Children's Music Network - Song Library

Want to learn new songs about fun topics? The CMN Song Library has a bunch of educational songs for kids along with lyrics, audio and ways to use these songs in everyday life.

Musical Instruments

This is a matching game where you have to match the name and sound of the instrument to the picture.

NY Philkids - Game Room

The New York Philharmonic has devoted part of its website to kids games that have puzzles, matching games and even a chance to make your own instrument!

Musical Instruments Crafts for Kids to Make

A list filled with fun and easy activities to make your very own instrument no matter how old you are.

Listen and Learn by Instrument

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra musicians put together a bunch of sample sounds to teach people what each and every instrument sounds like.

Sortify: Musical Instruments

There are a lot of different instruments from all over the world, but so many of them can be sorted into the same groups. Take your musical know how to the test by labeling buckets and filling them with instruments that fit the label you chose.

Kid's Musical Instrument Games

Easy and fun activities for kids of all ages to learn about music and instruments.

Musical Equipment

Fun outdoor instruments that help inspire a love of creating music.

Instrument Where

This game is a fun way to listen and learn fun facts about different instruments from all over the world!

Online Music Games

This page offers a bunch of different types of games split up into different age groups.

Musical Instrument Personality Quiz

Take this for-fun National Geographic quiz to find out what musical instrument you're most similar to!

Orchestra Game

Match the sounds you hear to the instruments on the bottom of the screen.

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

This is one of Carnegie Hall's Listening Adventures which features a fun video and a game where you can learn more about the orchestra!

DIY Music Ideas

Make some instruments out of things you find around your house! You'll be surprised how easily music can come from unexpected places.

Arts Alive: Activities and Games

Orchestral based music activities where you can learn about instruments and composers.

Written by: Ben Thompson