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Spark Series Car Panel Request

Spark Series Car Panel
  • Spark Series Car Panel
NOTE: Selecting “Blue” painted mulch changes quantity needed
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Product Specifications

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Component Only

Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Product Description

The Spark Series Car Panel is an interactive panel which allows children to imagine they are behind the wheel of a car. One side of the panel looks like a realistic front end of a car, complete with lights, a hood, and a windshield. On the other side, there is a steering wheel that really spins. This is a great activity for children, since many of them ride a car to school every day, and so they are especially familiar with them. The back half of the car is left open to children’s’ imaginations, but since the car can be any size, any number of children can participate in this activity as ‘passengers’. They will certainly make an activity as simple as riding or driving a car into wild adventures that are different every time they play. The car frame and steering wheel can be made different colors for a more interesting visual design.

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