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Timber Play Equipment: Designed for Parents and Kids

Looking for natural playground ideas?    Have you ever considered timber outdoor play equipment? Do you even know what timber equipment is?

The term “Timber” refers to the wooden beams used in the construction of a backyard playground. Each piece of wood is carefully crafted to remove splinters as well as sharp or blunt edges.  Timber playground equipment is crafted for backyard use and often contains a combination of slides, swings, climbers, and play activities.

Easy Assembly

Timber play equipment is generally assembled with common household tools and requires limited construction knowledge.  Most timber swing sets and slides come with easy-to-read instruction manuals. If you want to have your timber equipment professionally installed, a local landscape contractor is usually the most affordable option.

Keep in mind that while wooden play structures don’t mandate the same safety standards as commercial-grade plastic playsets, that doesn’t mean that you, as a parent, shouldn’t aspire to keep your provide your children with the highest safety standards.  The CPSC is a great resource for making sure your kids are having fun in a safe, well-constructed play space.

Pre-Fab Designs

Timber can be cut to specific sizes for application on roofs, decks, bridges, and posts.  These components are often pre-assembled to save the customer time in installation and reduce the most common construction errors.

All wooden playground equipment ships unpainted.  For a painted playset, choose from multiple steel or plastic playgrounds designed for commercial use.  Keep in mind that paint can chip and peel away with use, and you’ll need to make sure the paint products used are cannot  be hazardous to children or pets.

The Natural Choice

Wooden playground structures are a great way to blend your backyard structures with the environment.  Whether you’re working with an urban jungle, thick woods, or a sandy beach, wood play sets complement the landscape beautifully.  Add a taste of rustic elegance to your community with a simple construction project, and a little can go a long way.

Also, as the only playground material built from a renewable resource, timber is the most eco-friendly option for you, your family, and your planet.  It’s investments like these that pay off most in the long run.

Kid-Friendly, Parent-Approved

Outdoor wooden play equipment is an excellent choice for parents as the material is attractive, affordable, and relatively easy to construct.  While you’re at it, you should invest in the full playground package.  Complete your playscape with rubber curbs, rubber mulch, and many other accessories. is a one-stop shop for timber playgrounds and residential play accessories.  Take the first step to designing your own playground by contacting us today!