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The best playground equipment on the market is commercial playground equipment. Commercial playground equipment is what you find at public parks, schools, campgrounds and daycares. It is typically made from heavy-duty materials such as rotationally-molded plastics, recycled plastics, galvanized steel and other commercial-grade metals. The best playground equipment is IPEMA certified and adheres to the safety standards of ASTM, making sure that all children have a chance to play safely. This type of equipment is the highest-quality, most durable and longest lasting available.


The best playgrounds will feature a diverse selection of play elements. A play system or structure is a good place to start. They are often made up of various slides, tunnels, climbers and panels, designed to suit the targeted age group. This will act as the centerpiece of the play area and determine how much room you have left for independent play items and swings. Swings are a playground staple and come in a wide variety of styles. And Independent play equipment is almost everything else, including bouncers, spinners, musical instruments, seesaws and so much more. Playgrounds should always suit the needs of whichever age group it is servicing. Learn more about the best playground equipment by age below:


Best Playground Equipment for Toddlers

6-23 months - At the infant and toddler stage, little ones are learning to roll over, crawl, walk and communicate. Age-appropriate equipment will be small, low to the ground and feature groundplay elements, activity panels and small slides. It is crucial for the play pieces to challenge children at this developing age while remaining safe and easy to navigate.                                                      


2-5 years - Preschool children are developing more control over their body. This means the preschool playground equipment can feature more advanced elements like steps, climbers and bigger slides. This age group of children will seek out areas where they can explore, challenge themselves and enjoy more active play.


Best Playground Equipment for Schools

2-12 years - This age group covers the widest range of ages and needs. It must accommodate both preschool and elementary-aged children and allow them to play together safely. Play structures in this category will often feature a mixture of ground elements alongside more challenging parts at the highest points, like climbers and larger slides.


5-12 years - Playground equipment for elementary-aged children will often feature the most challenging elements. Kids this age are developing more strength, coordination and body control. Their newly formed senses of balance and agility allow them to try more demanding activities on the playground.


Best Playground Equipment for Adults

13 years - Adult - Adults and teens appreciate having fun outdoor experiences just like kids! Outdoor fitness equipment is the perfect way to elevate a public space to accommodate older people. Combine multiple machines to facilitate a full body workout and offer beneficial exercise to teens and adults.